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  • A Sprig of Time

    A Sprig of Time
    Author: Annette Langan

    A Sprig of Time was conceived as an outlet for my desire everyone to help others experience the pure joy that I do while I’m cooking. It is true that cooking can seem like just another check box on the never-ending to-do list of life. But what if the time spent meal planning,

  • Against The Grain

    Against The Grain
    Author: Laura Watts

    I am an RD for the WIC program.I love the science of nutrition and am constantly researching to stay up to date in this ever changing field. After a year of research I finally dove in to my new paleo lifestyle and I'm enjoying sharing this my journey

  • Art of Nutrition

    Art of Nutrition
    Author: Dana Artinyan
    As an RD and food lover, my blog is a vehicle for sharing better-for-you recipes and foods (from farmers market to grocery store finds). I promote clean eating with my recipes, which are often vegetarian, gluten-free and/or dairy-free for those on restricted diets. Enjoy!
  • Ashley Koff RD

    Ashley Koff RD
    Author: Ashley Koff

    Want to know what's going on in nutrition? Nutrition recommendations for quality choices; How to be a Qualitarian; hot topics; media mentions with additional information.

  • Avocado Alice

    Avocado Alice
    Author: Alice Ma

    Hi! I'm a recently converted flexi-vegan who loves to make over and "veganize" recipes, especially if they include avocados! Follow along as I share healthy recipes for the at-home vegan, as well as tips on being vegan when it comes to traveling and social situations!

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  • baking & i

    baking & i
    Author: Yvonne Lin
    Baking & I - the journey of a Dietitian who loves to bake. This blog is the destination to help you have your cake and eat it too. A space to share and trial recipes with a healthy twist going hand in hands with practical insights into nutrition and health.

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  • Chapman's Landing Cooking Studio

    Author: Nancy Guppy

    I am a registered dietitian living on a century old farm in Nipissing village, northern Ontario. My food and nutrition blog promotes healthy eating using fresh seasonal ingredients, organics, growing what you can and supporting local agriculture.

  • Chard in Charge

    Chard in Charge
    Author: Dianna Sinni

    A food and nutrition blog focusing on whole foods, organic gardening, and simple plant-based recipes.

  • Chicago Nutrition Solutions

    Chicago Nutrition Solutions
    Author: Margaret Wertheim

    Margaret Wertheim, MS, RD explores age-old wisdom, the latest nutrition research and provides new and innovative ways to support a healthy and vibrant life through nourishing foods, supplements, and lifestyle recommendations.

  • Climb Healthy

    Climb Healthy
    Author: Aicacia Young

    A functional nutrition resource for climbers and other adventure-seekers

  • Crumb,Ink.

    Author: Lillian Yin

    A platform to exchange conversations about food from stories to culture to science through the lens of a registered dietitian, immigrant, daughter, partner and a plant-based advocate.

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  • Deliciously Dense

    Deliciously Dense
    Author: Bree Marsh

    Focus is on "nutrient dense" foods. tons of tips, recipes, and recommendations on how and why to include nutrient dense foods in your diet.  more focus on food for health, well-being, fitness, and decreased disease risk rather than weight loss alone.

  • Dietitian Debbie Dishes

    Dietitian Debbie Dishes
    Author: Deborah Davis

    To put it in my grandfather's own words, "all she does is eat!". Dietitian Debbie Dishes was created as an outlet for me to share healthy recipes, fun food facts, fitness tips, and more. As a dietitian, I want people to know that eating healthy doesn't have to be complicated!

  • Dish By Trish

    Dish By Trish
    Author: Patricia O'Keefe

    Leading plant-based nutritionist and dietitian, Trish, brings you DELICIOUS, healthy dishes and WELLNESS tips. Lover of Natural Health and Healing. Co-Founder of Sprout Wellness Center.

  • Domestic Dreamboat

    Domestic Dreamboat
    Author: Carissa Serink
    Domestic Dreamboat is a blog dedicated to my love of all things homemade. It mainly features recipes, but will also feature general cooking and healthy eating tips as well as occasional craft tutorials.

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  • Eat Chic Chicago

    Eat Chic Chicago
    Author: Amari Cheffer

    Founded by Chicago dietitian Amari Cheffer, Eat Chic Chicago offers educational articles regarding nutrition and wellness as well as healthy recipes for your everyday lifestyle.

  • Eat Right Mama

    Eat Right Mama
    Author: Bridget Swinney

    Eat Right Mama provides a healthy slice of eating and living advice for moms, moms-to-be, and those trying to conceive. Written by mom of two and registered dietitian author Bridget Swinney, the blog will also entertain you with mama musings & fun travel tales.

  • ecoRDN

    Author: Darla Balthaser

    ecoRDN is a blog created and maintained by a registered dietitian and a vegan chef. The blog provides recipes, restaurant reviews and nutrition resources for both consumers and professionals interested in plant-based nutrition and lifestyles.

  • Edible Nutrition

    Edible Nutrition
    Author: Wendy Jo Peterson

    Quick & simple recipes and tasty tid-bits of nutrition information for all.  Wendy Jo focuses on Southern & Southwestern cuisines, and the gifts her garden provides.

  • Evergreen Eats

    Evergreen Eats
    Author: Marianne Bloudoff

    ~ Eat food you enjoy. Eat to feel good. ~ Registered Dietitian, blogger, and consultant. Inspiring others to embrace cooking and enjoy real food.

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  • Food is Vida

    Food is Vida
    Author: Jennifer Rodriguez

    Food is Vida, created by plant-based dietitian Jennifer Rodriguez, encourages preventive-based health practices by inspiring others to view food as life or 'vida', while balancing other healthful actions in our daily lives such as a healthy mind, body and spirit.

  • Food NE/RD

    Food NE/RD
    Author: Tali Sedgwick

    Tali Sedgwick is a Nutrition Educator (NE) & Registered Dietitian (RD) or a Food NE/RD! She has a private practice in SF,CA. Her blog shares nutrition tidbits,recipes(mostly vegetarian) & book reviews to support your journey to eat well & feel well.

  • Food Talk

    Food Talk
    Author: Sarah Drake

    This blog dishes up health and wellness facts, recipe ideas, and interesting/fun tips and tricks for those interested in health and wellness. The blog and its contents are aimed at college-aged students.

  • For I was Hungry

    For I was Hungry
    Author: Kristina DeMuth

    R.D. working towards reducing the rate of malnutrition in around the world through nutrition education, menu planning, meal costing, and helping communities be creative with nutritious dense foods available in their markets.

  • Fork in the Road

    Fork in the Road
    Author: Kristina Todini

    Fork in the Road is a food, travel and adventure blog by Kristina Todini, RDN. Kristina shares her adventures in and out of the kitchen, with a focus on globally-inspired recipes and sustainable living...with a healthy dose of humor. Exploring the world, one plate at time!

  • Fresh Start Nutrition

    Fresh Start Nutrition
    Author: Melanie Zook
    Fresh Start Nutrition is your resource for personalized nutrition, wellness, and organizational solutions for you & your home.  Let this be your guide for an everyday healthy kitchen & lifestyle, so that you can have a Fresh Start…every day.

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  • Healing from Scratch

    Healing from Scratch
    Author: Vanessa Berenstein

    Healing From Scratch is an integrative health & wellness website that seeks to uncover the root causes of imbalance and disease. We incorporate recipes, meal planning, stress reduction and gardening education to make healthy living as fun, easy and sustainable as possible.

  • Healthy Bites

    Healthy Bites
    Author: Katie Cavuto
    The Healthy Bites Blog is all about promoting simple, delicious, approachable food for everyday use. We promote real foods, the importance of cooking for health and wellness, and the principle of food as your medicine.
  • Healthy Deconstructed

    Healthy Deconstructed
    Author: Rosa Lopez

    This site is geared towards providing accurate nutrition information to support a healthful lifestyle. I focus on healthful lifestyles through delicious eating, physical activity, and individualized nutrition planning. Special topics: triathlons, backpacking/camping, zero waste

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  • It's a Veg World After All

    Author: Lizzie Streit

    It's a Veg World After All is a blog and healthy recipe library. The recipes are focused on vegetables and plant-based ingredients, but include all foods. Explore the site to learn easy approaches to eating healthy, and how to translate nutrition information into everyday habits.

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  • Keep it Fresh, Keep it Green

    Keep it Fresh, Keep it Green
    Author: Beth Mack

    A sarcastic, yet educational nutrition blog written to help people navigate the ever evolving and confusing world of nutrition, without over loading readers with big words and meaningless numbers. This blog breaks down information for people to understand and apply to their lives

  • Kelly's Healthy Kitchen

    Author: Kelly Toups
    I am a Boston-based Registered Dietitian, Food Activist, and Healthy Lifestyle Expert. My blog is about food, nutrition, and lifestyle, from a Registered Dietitian.
  • Kristie Finnan, RDN, LDN, a fresh perspective on food.

    Kristie Finnan, RDN, LDN,  a fresh perspective on food.
    Author: Kristie Finnan

    An integrative and functional approach to Nutrition. Kristie Finnan, RDN, LDN shares a fresh perspective on food. She focuses on gluten free eating, Low FODMAP & gut friendly recipes, organic and local eating while sharing her life as a full-time working Mom of three.

  • Kristin Houts

    Kristin Houts
    Author: Kristin Houts

    The blog at is a collection of recipes and resources on digestive health. Kristin Houts is a Chicago-based Registered Dietitian who specializes in gastrointestinal illness, managing chronic conditions and modified diets due to food intolerance.

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  • Let's Taste Canada - OUR Food Adventure

    Author: Irena Forbes

    An open invitation to join OUR Food Adventure. Together we will explore, celebrate, love, laugh and learn about Canadians, feasting, food culture, health, food systems, sustainability and friendship through the eyes of an excitable foodie, food advocate and dietitian.

  • Life To Table

    Life To Table
    Two registered dietitians , Amanda and MIchelle, with a passion for healthy food and wholesome living. Recipes include anything ranging from vegan, gluten free, free range meat and down right ooey, gooey chocolate! We also provide tips on how to eat a nutritious diet.
  • Liz On Food

    Liz On Food
    Author: Liz Marr

    Liz On Food is Registered Dietitian Liz Marr's online buffet serving up recipes as well as insight, humor and advice on food and nutrition science, policy and trends.

  • Lunchbox Specialist News

    Lunchbox Specialist News
    Author: Kathleen Searles

    Tips, news and commentary on various nutrition topics including sports and performance, teens, local foods, aging well, and packed lunches.

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  • Marina Stauffer

    Marina Stauffer
    Author: Marina Stauffer

    A blog about healthy eating ideas, tips, and recipes. Marina promotes cooking and supporting local food systems in order to meet nutritional needs. This blog addresses typical concerns such as busy lifestyles and the love of great tasting food.

  • Matt Knight Nutrition

    Matt Knight Nutrition
    Author: Matt Knight

    Matt is a registered dietitian nutritionist and freelance writer based in Naperville, IL. He is passionate about eating real, locally grown and raised foods. His writing translates the science of nutrition into easy to understand, simple, and actionable steps.

  • Morning by Morning Pathway to Health

    Morning by Morning Pathway to Health
    Author: Norma DeVault
    Your body is designed with the innate ability to stay healthy and to regain health. Morning By Morning Pathway to Health discusses ways we can achieve and maintain health from a natural, spiritual perspective.
  • Moxie Musing

    Moxie Musing
    Author: Kristina DeMuth
    Kristina is a registered dietitian and master's in public health student. She is passionate about helping people around the world obtain a healthy lifestyle by using whole, plant-based foods. Her experience living in Haiti has inspired her conscientious lifestyle choices.
  • My Food Life

    My Food Life
    Author: Claire Lackstone

    I am a registered dietitian and a self-proclaimed foodie. My whole life is career, my hobby, my passion. Hopefully you will enjoy following my food journey along with me.

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  • Net Nutritionist Blog

    Net Nutritionist Blog
    Author: Gay Riley
    Net Nutritionist blogs are created to discuss the latest in nutrition and health. The blog offers information on healthy eating, wholesome food selection, nutrition and fitness, environmental food issues, and nutrition and lifestyle.
  • Northwood Nutrition Blog

    Northwood Nutrition Blog
    Author: Korrin Fotheringham

    Korrin Fotheringham, Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, shares her love for cooking, sustainability, cultural foods, homesteading & other nutrition topics. She utilizes a non-diet, integrative approach & aims to share inspiring stories that generate interest & conversation.

  • Nourish RDs

    Nourish RDs
    Authors: Lisa Dixon, McKenzie Hall

    We are RDs on a mission to inspire others to eat real food, love their bodies & laugh a lot! We share recipes, nutrition news & tips, and stories about our friendship & journey. Our best (non)diet advice-eat real food & share it with those you love!

  • Nutrition from the Ground Up

    Nutrition from the Ground Up
    Author: Nicole Cormier

    Nutrition from the Ground Up is an intuitive guide to cultivating a sustainable food practice. This blog provides a supportive community for practicing intuitive cooking and sustainable living. Nicole Cormier, RD, LDN also shares her journey into sustainability.

  • NutritionWise

    Author: Nicole Meadow

    Nutrition is a journey, not a destination.  Be NutritionWise every day.  The NutritionWise Blog provides tips, tricks, recipes, information, research and much more to help you and your family lead the most healthful life possible.

  • Nutritious Balance

    Nutritious Balance
    Author: Sheena Pradhan
    Nutritious Balance is a nutrition and wellness consulting company. This blog is for sharing nutrition information and articles with the curious!
  • Nutritious Way of Life

    Nutritious Way of Life
    Author: Mara Bustos

    Nutrition and wellness blog designed to provide science-based information about several nutrition, food trends, lifestyle, weight management, fitness, sustainable eating, health and wellness topics.

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  • Okanagan RD- Talking Food

    Okanagan RD- Talking Food
    Author: Kelly Lehmann

    A registered dietitian in Kelowna, British Columbia. I blog about food, kids, recipes, running and yoga. I hope to blog about cycling when I finally take the plunge and buy a road bike. I am a huge fan of local and organic foods, bountiful in the beautiful Okanagan valley!

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  • Peace, Love, and Food

    Peace, Love, and Food
    Author: Kara Lydon

    The purpose of my blog is to inspire a peace of mind around what you eat and a love for nutritious food. A reflection of my life based around food, nutrition, and wellness, my blog also provides tips along the way on how to lead a healthy lifestyle.

  • Prairie Sprout

    Prairie Sprout
    Author: Angela Tucker

    Prairie Sprout is a blog created for sharing credible information and inspiration to support those interested in learning more about a vegan lifestyle and plant based eating.

  • Prevention RD

    Prevention RD
    Author: Nicole Morrissey

    I am a Registered Dietitian working in out-patient diabetes and bariatric nutrition. I love what I do and sharing my passion with others. I love to cook, run, garden, write, and play ice-hockey. Stop by to say hi!

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  • Redefining Health

    Redefining Health
    Author: Erica Framsted

    Redefining Health is a place to share my passion for eating and cooking, celebrating what it means to be healthy without putting an emphasis on body weight, and examining environmental causes for disease.

  • Rethink Nutrition

    Rethink Nutrition
    Author: Jacqueline Tyler

    Part nutrition and health updates, part recipes and part personal food adventures. An Australian Dietitian, Nutritionist and Exercise Physiologist blogging about all things health.

  • Running on Green

    Running on Green
    Author: Anna-Lisa Finger

    You will find nutrition information, delicious and easy recipes, exercise tips and general wellness information to help you live a healthy and sustainable life.

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  • Sensibly Sprouted

    Sensibly Sprouted
    Author: Michelle Smith

    Michelle Smith is a registered dietitian and health coach with a passion for plant-based living. On her Sensibly Sprouted blog she shares evidenced-based information, practical tips, and delicious recipes that cover the basics for following a plant-powered lifestyle.

  • Simplicious Food

    Simplicious Food
    Author: Brittany Thomas

    Simplicious Food is exactly what it implies - a blog with simple and delicious recipes that will inspire you to get in the kitchen. My recipes are quick and easy, and they all use whole food ingredients. I strive to include local, in-season ingredients as much as possible.

  • SOL Nutrition

    SOL Nutrition
    Author: Christina Turner
    'SOL' means the sun in Spanish. Our blog provides nutrition advice with warmth and compassion - just like the sun! Learn the fact from fiction, create balance in your life and put the 'SOL' back into your eating.

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  • tasteovers by jackie

    tasteovers by jackie
    Author: Jackie Newgent

    Chef Jackie Newgent, RD, is delighted to share with you her uniquely nutritious food blog which includes makeovers of not-so-good-for-you recipes into great tasting, good-for-you delights, created and tested by Jackie in her home kitchen in Brooklyn.

  • The Conscious Dietitian

    The Conscious Dietitian
    Author: Rachel Dickens

    The Conscious Dietitian aims to bring together a healthy diet for our bodies, as well as our planet. Green eating tips and seasonal recipes be a Registered Dietitian and Certified Diabetes Educator. Recipes are plant-based and low carbohydrate.

  • The Crooked Carrot

    The Crooked Carrot
    Author: Libby Bloom

    A blog that provide Simple nutrition tips, Seasonal recipes, and Sustainable green living guides. Libby's approach relies on simple, seasonal and sustainable recipes and a slower, low-waste approach to life. Plant-based Low-Waste.

  • The Everyday Table

    The Everyday Table
    Author: Sara Bloms

    Polly and Sara are a chef and dietitian duo that help Minnesotans get back into the kitchen and reconnect with food in an inspiring and interactive way. Learn how to make healthier choices easy and convenient for you and your family at the grocery store and at home.

  • The Fresh Beet

    The Fresh Beet
    Author: Ashley Galloway
    The Fresh Beet aims to inspire others to get creative in the kitchen and to enjoy it. Here you will also find dietitian approved discussions on nutrition as well as personal events from my wonderful world of food. 
  • The Garden Apt

    The Garden Apt
    Author: Kayleen Wichlinski
    The Garden Apt provides inspiration to reduce your carbon-impact by revising lifestyle habits. By eating meatless meals on Mondays, riding your bike to work two days a week, or examining your purchasing habits, this blog provides inspiration for the simple, harmonious consumer.
  • The Good Wolf Manifesto

    The Good Wolf Manifesto
    Author: Nicola Hursthouse

    The Good Wolf Manifesto believes that the key behind achieving a balanced diet that is sustainable during the ups and downs of life is to develop a healthy relationship with food, but also a healthy relationship with yourself.

  • The Grateful Grazer

    The Grateful Grazer
    Author: Steph Coogan

    I'm Steph and I'm a registered dietitian and believer that food should taste great and make us feel even better. On The Grateful Grazer you'll find whole wellness through expert nutrition advice and simple recipes featuring whole, plant-based ingredients.

  • the Green Dietitian

    the Green Dietitian
    Author: Louisa Rosenqvist

    I'm Louisa, a plant-eating dietitian living in Sweden. Tea, dark chocolate, green smoothies and everything wellness make me happy.

  • The Healthy RD

    The Healthy RD
    Author: Heidi Moretti

    Get the Best Health by The Healthy RD. Applying science and functional nutrition concepts to diet and lifestyle. ​

  • The Nutrition Nomad

    The Nutrition Nomad
    Author: Jen-Kui Maxwell

    Dietitian, hiker and self-proclaimed campervan cook. Travelling Australia and the world showing you how to cook affordable, healthy food with local and limited resources.

  • The Plant-Powered Blog

    The Plant-Powered Blog
    Author: Sharon Palmer

    Sharon Palmer is The Plant-Powered Dietitian™, food and nutrition writer, and plant-based nutrition expert. On The Plant-Powered Blog, you will find delicious plant-based recipes and articles covering food and environmental issues, sustainability and plant-based nutrition.

  • The Smart Girl's Guide to Going Vegetarian

    The Smart Girl
    Author: Rachel Meltzer Warren

    A blog geared toward "veg-curious" teens, but filled with useful recipes, tips, and information for anyone looking to give up meat or shift to a more plant-based diet. The companion blog to the book "The Smart Girl's Guide to Going Vegetarian."

  • Tiffany McFadden Nutrition Consulting Blog

    Tiffany McFadden Nutrition Consulting Blog
    Author: Tiffany McFadden

    A fun approach to trying new recipes, making them healthier and easier for the entire family. I love to share my family's adventures in cooking, eating and life. I guarantee a little laugh too!

  • True Love Health

    True Love Health
    Author: Matthew Ruscigno

    Matt Ruscigno is a Registered Dietitian, endurance athlete and vegan who writes about vegetarian cooking, adventure and sports nutrition.

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  • Unrefined RD

    Unrefined RD
    Author: Kimberly Suddeath

    Unrefined RD is a food blog that focuses on natural, plant-based recipes. The aim of the blog is to inspire others to eat from the earth in the most natural and sustainable way possible.

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  • Vegas Vitality Nutrition

    Vegas Vitality Nutrition
    Author: Crystal Petrello

    Vegas Vitality Nutrition will be a year long journey through Las Vegas lifestyle, food, and nightlife while eating well and feeling refreshed.

  • Vine Ripe Nutrition

    Vine Ripe Nutrition
    Author: Denise Barratt

    Registered dietitian nutritionist's recipe and nutrition blog with a focus on seasonal, local ingredients. Plant based vegetarian and sustainable green inspiration with occasional ethical meat recipe or variation. Interviews with local farmers and farm to table restaurants.

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  • Well Balanced. Food. Life. Travel.

    Well Balanced. Food. Life. Travel.
    Author: Kate Scarlata

    Living a well balanced life with exercise, family, healthy foods and fun travel.  A section of FODMAPs too as digestive health is one of my favorite specialties!

  • Well Life Nutrition

    Well Life Nutrition
    Author: Holly Amos

    A nutrition and wellness blog written by Holly Amos RD. This blog focuses on providing quick read articles and recipes to help readers to incorporate healthy habits and foods into their daily life in order to achieve optimal health and wellness.

  • Wild About Nutrition

    Wild About Nutrition
    Author: Tracey Swain

    Wild About Nutrition was inspired by a passion for nutrition and a desire to reconnect with real food. Wild About Nutrition gives you Dietitian-led, evidence-based advice that cuts through the hype so that you can change the way you eat and start living the life you want.