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  • (healthy) Vittles and Bits

    (healthy) Vittles and Bits
    Author: Danielle Masland

    I believe in choosing foods that nourish the body and mind from the inside out. I try to create easy, affordable, delicious, and (of course) nutritious meals and snacks. Join me for recipes, tips, discussions, and a few pictures of my dog, Luna grin

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  • 3 Scoops of Sugar

    3 Scoops of Sugar
    Author: Megan Davidson

    A food blog inspired by my 3 children ages 2, 3 and 5 to develop and create delicious and healthy recipes to promote health and happiness while still tasting absolutely delicious!!

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  • A Girl and Her Carrot

    A Girl and Her Carrot
    Author: Jennifer Vagios

    A Dietitian & yoga teacher empowering others to find balance in their life via a candid approach to all things healthy living. Expect recipes, healthy tips and sound nutrition info. Eat real food, cook even a little, laugh, exercise and do yoga.

  • A Healthier Michigan

    A Healthier Michigan
    Author: Grace Derocha

    Our mission is to help everyone in Michigan get healthier from the inside out. This means everything from giving you resources to help you make better decisions about diet and exercise, as well as information on creating and sustaining nurturing communities and successful businesses — everything you need to help create a healthier Michigan.

  • Against The Grain

    Against The Grain
    Author: Laura Watts

    I am an RD for the WIC program.I love the science of nutrition and am constantly researching to stay up to date in this ever changing field. After a year of research I finally dove in to my new paleo lifestyle and I'm enjoying sharing this my journey

  • Amy's Wellness Advice

    Author: Amy Jamieson-Petonic

    Amy's conversational blog helps individuals and corporations find ways to meet their nutritional needs for healthy living, wellness and performance. Amy's real life tips as a professional and mom will engage you to live a healthier lifestyle!

  • Avocado Grove Nutrition & Wellness

    Avocado Grove Nutrition & Wellness
    Author: Melissa Groves

    Integrative medicine dietitian nutritionist specializing in women's health (fertility & PCOS), weight loss, and food allergy/sensitivity.

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  • Balancing Life Wtih Nutrition

    Balancing Life Wtih Nutrition
    Author: Tami Broderick

    Need to eat gluten free? Interested in losing weight, improving your health, well-being & quality of life? Learn how to Balance Life with Nutrition with easy to make healthy recipes, as well as the latest information on health, nutrition and fitness.

  • Be Well Gluten Free

    Be Well Gluten Free
    Author: Sally Marchini

    Helping people to make healthier gluten free choices regardless of their reason for being gluten free and advocating for correct diagnosis of coeliac disease. All blogs written and/or approved by Accredited Practising Dietitians. To support Facebook group 'Be Well Gluten Free'.

  • Beautifully Nutty

    Beautifully Nutty
    Author: Melanie Hallal
    I'm a Registered Dietitian with a passion for clean, whole food living. I write about food, recipes, fitness, and finding total happiness and wellness in my life. I have Ulcerative Colitis and am learning how to alleviate symptoms naturally through changes in diet and lifestyle.

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  • Carina Venter Allergy Advice

    Carina Venter Allergy Advice
    Author: Carina Venter

    This website is mainly about sharing my knowledge on nutrition and it’s role in food allergies: ranging from prevention, food protein enterocolitis syndrome, eosinophilic esophagitis, other non-IgE mediated food allergies and IgE mediated food allergies.

  • Carried Away About Nutrition

    Carried Away About Nutrition
    Author: Carrie Wissemeier
    My nutrition blog is compilation of my food experiments in the kitchen and my passion for sharing health and wellness. I rehab recipes with a healthy twist for quality nutrition and delicious food.
  • Celiac and the City RD

    Celiac and the City RD
    Author: Jessica Pearl

    Witty, informed perspective on our country's latest food preoccupations, focusing on sports nutrition and food allergies, intolerances, and sensitivities.

  • Chapman's Landing Cooking Studio

    Author: Nancy Guppy

    I am a registered dietitian living on a century old farm in Nipissing village, northern Ontario. My food and nutrition blog promotes healthy eating using fresh seasonal ingredients, organics, growing what you can and supporting local agriculture.

  • Clinical Alimentary

    Clinical Alimentary
    Author: Julie Thompson
    Clinical Alimentary is a blog containing recipes, general advice, reviews for people with gut disorders such as IBS, coeliac disease, crohn's, colitis, allergy and food intolerances. Low FODMAP and IBS specialist Dietitian who works with The IBS Network.
  • Columbus Nutrition Company

    Columbus Nutrition Company
    Author: Sarah Crock

    Nutrition advice, healthy living tips, nourishing recipes, and more from Columbus Nutrition Company - a personalized nutrition counseling company, founded by Sarah Crock, RDN, LD, located in Columbus, Ohio.

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  • Deliciousdietitianduo

    Author: Amy Horrock
    We are dietitians, food lovers and twin sisters! We are on a mission to inspire good nutrition one delicious recipe at a time. On our blog you will find an assortment of recipes from meat 'n potatoes to gluten free to raw 'n vegan! A little something for every taste bud!
  • Dietitian UK

    Dietitian UK
    Author: Priya Tew

    Thoughts on food, health and life from a registered dietitian. I'll be blogging about weaning and family meals, wheat and gluten free living and healthy eating. Recipes, top tips and more.

  • Dietitian without Borders

    Dietitian without Borders
    Author: Gemma Critchley
    An Aussie Dietitian living in the UK with a passion to share reliable trustworthy nutrition advice and information to help people live healthier happier lives.

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  • Eat Drink Be Happy

    Eat Drink Be Happy
    Author: Desiree Nielsen

    A fresh approach to healthy eating, written by a registered dietitian. Learn about hot nutrition topics, simple recipes, local foods and follow the UnDiet, a healthy eating plan for the rest of us.

  • Eat Fit Run

    Eat Fit Run
    Author: Melissa Majumdar

    The purpose of the blog is to share my sports nutrition knowledge with runners, athletes, and other health conscious followers.

  • Eat right and bright Nebraska

    Eat right and bright Nebraska
    Author: Becky Guittar

    I have one of the best opportunities as a dietitians, I am employed at a grocery store where customers make many of their food decisions I like to share recipes, tips, ideas for customers looking for healthy eating ideas for heart health, kids, gluten-free and more .

  • Energy We Bring

    Energy We Bring
    Author: Francesca Cugini
    We hope to show the universe that professionals with diverse qualifications can collaborate instead of oppose each other. Francesca (Registered Dietitian) & Julia (Holistic Health Coach)

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  • FoodWise Nutrition

    FoodWise Nutrition
    Author: Autumn Hoverter

    FoodWise Nutrition provides nutrition information in an easy, approachable manner, along with delicious gluten-free recipes and stunning food photography.  I advocate a whole-foods, whole-life approach and want you to eat for your mind, body.

  • Frances Arnold

    Frances Arnold
    Author: Frances Arnold

    Are you considering a gluten-free life and could use expert support? Are you ready to improve your weight, your energy, or your digestion? Are you looking for expert guidance for creating a deliciously nourishing life? If so, you’re in the right place!

  • Fresh Food Bites

    Fresh Food Bites
    Author: Laura Marzen

    Fresh Food Bites is dedicated to providing tasteful recipes, developed by a professional recipe developer, as well as sound nutrition information, cooking tips and recipe instruction videos. Most of the recipes on Fresh Food Bites focus on encouraging vegetable consumption.

  • Frugal Nutrition

    Frugal Nutrition
    Author: Caitlin Self

    Frugal Nutrition is full of simple recipes for weeknight dinners, as well as allergy-friendly ideas for those who are sensitive to dairy, corn, and gluten. Find delicious recipes, and informative posts with pricing breakdowns. This frugal, budget-friendly site is here for you!

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  • Gluten-Free Slow Cooking

    Gluten-Free Slow Cooking
    Author: Kitty Broihier

    Gluten-Free Slow Cooking is a source for tasty, easy, gluten-free recipes that are prepared in a slow cooker. We also serve up nutrition news, cooking tips and health information about the gluten-free lifestyle.

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  • Healthy Heddleston

    Healthy Heddleston
    Author: Katie Heddleston

    Healthy Heddleston is the blog about Katie Heddleston and her life as a gluten-free RD who runs half marathons. She is also a newly stay at home mom and has been blogging about her postpartum journey 

  • Healthy in the Kitchen

    Healthy in the Kitchen
    Author: Michelle Moreau

    Every meal is an opportunity to nourish your body. At Healthy in the Kitchen, we share recipes that inspire healthier cooking and eating. Ready for more fruits, veggies and whole grains in your diet? Then pay us a visit. Happy Healthy Eating! - Chef Michelle Moreau, RDN

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  • Inspired RD

    Inspired RD
    Author: Alysa Bajenaru
    Join Alysa and her family as they challenge you to live life inspired. On, you will find simple gluten-free recipes, fitness tips, practical nutrition information and inspirational photography. Alysa also shares what it's like to live life with celiac disease.

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  • Juggling with Julia

    Juggling with Julia
    Author: Julia Robarts

    Need some no-nonsense inspiration to feed YOUR family? Check out my 400+ family-tested and kid-approved recipes. Simple dishes with a focus on sensible nutrition is always my goal. And there’s plenty of humor too, ‘cause life is funny with 3 kids!

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  • Kristie Finnan, RDN, LDN, a fresh perspective on food.

    Kristie Finnan, RDN, LDN,  a fresh perspective on food.
    Author: Kristie Finnan

    An integrative and functional approach to Nutrition. Kristie Finnan, RDN, LDN shares a fresh perspective on food. She focuses on gluten free eating, Low FODMAP & gut friendly recipes, organic and local eating while sharing her life as a full-time working Mom of three.

  • Kristin Houts

    Kristin Houts
    Author: Kristin Houts

    The blog at is a collection of recipes and resources on digestive health. Kristin Houts is a Chicago-based Registered Dietitian who specializes in gastrointestinal illness, managing chronic conditions and modified diets due to food intolerance.

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  • Lighten Up!

    Lighten Up!
    Written by a Registered Dietitian, Lighten Up! is a blog about daily wellness including recipes, tips and suggestions for healthy eating.

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  • Mediterranean Living

    Mediterranean Living
    Author: Bill Bradley

    We help people eat one of the healthiest diets in the world, the Mediterranean Diet. I am a Registered Dietitian who lost 40 pounds eating the Mediterranean Diet. I am the co-author of "Foods of Crete: Traditional Recipes from the Healthiest People in the World"

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  • Nutrition by Erin

    Nutrition by Erin
    Author: Erin Peisach

    Articles and recipes that support those suffering from gastrointestinal disorders including IBS, SIBO, GERD,, Crohn's & Colitis, Celiac, Eosinophilic Esophagitis, and adverse food reactions. Low FODMAP, Paleo, SCD, GAPS, and vegan/vegetarian recipes.

  • Nutrition Stripped

    Nutrition Stripped
    Author: McKel Hill
    Nutrition Stripped focuses on nutrition information/research integrated into recipes. It's a stripped down guide to living an unprocessed lifestyle with no expiration date for anyone interested in gaining nutrition and wellness tools to navigate the kitchen and life in general!
  • Nutriton By Natalie

    Nutriton By Natalie
    Author: Natalie Butler

    My blog covers a variety of health, lifestyle and nutrition info and topics. My recipes emphasize a plant-heavy, allergy-friendly, and low added sugar approach.

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  • Phronesis: Practical Wisdom

    Phronesis: Practical Wisdom
    Author: Joan Guthrie Medlen

    Phronesis: Practical Wisdom focuses on the techniques and tools to promote healthy living for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Topics include nutrition, recipes, techniques for support for quality lives.

  • Poppies and Papayas

    Poppies and Papayas
    Author: Selva Wohlgemuth

    My blog is dedicated to delicious, generally gluten-free, recipes highlighting seasonal favorites and unique flavor combinations. With each recipe I highlight a nutrition topic or highlight foods within a recipe, educating my readers and giving them meal inspiration.

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  • Raising My Healthy Eater

    Raising My Healthy Eater
    Author: Lucia Gabriela Navarrete
    Raising my Healthy Eater was created to share knowledge, hope, positive energy and to demonstrate hope by arming ourselves with the resources to fight body, mind and emotional diseases that our kids are being affected by.
  • Ripe

    Author: Stephanie Hoban
    Ripe is a healthy, seasonal cooking blog. Find vegan recipes to help you eat with a purpose, maximize nutrition, and Stay Ripe!
  • Rose Mattson

    Rose Mattson
    Author: Rose Mattson

    Written by dietitian Rose, this blog combines evidence-based research with real-life health, with a focus on intuitive eating, moving joyfully, and a handful of practical gluten-free recipes.

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  • Simply Nourished

    Simply Nourished
    Authors: Jessica Beacom, Stacie Hassing

    Simply Nourished is the passion-project of real food dietitians Jessica Beacom and Stacie Hassing. They share delicious whole food recipes (many with 10 ingredients or less and free of gluten and/or grains), meal prepping and planning tips and nutrition information each week.

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  • teachkids2eat

    Author: Barbara Davidson

    We are moms and Registered Dietitians with school aged kids. Our goal is to provide the education and tools for you, as parents, to teach your kids how to make healthy food choices both in school and at home.
    It all starts with you!!

  • The Candid RD

    The Candid RD
    Author: Gina Casagrande

    I'm a registered dietitian working hard to dispel nutrition myths, and to teach people how to live healthy lives without deprivation. My goal is to make nutrition simple, fun and delicious! I also follow a low FODMAPs diet for IBS, and post many FODMAP-friendly recipes.

  • The G-Free RD

    The G-Free RD
    Author: Caroline Waters

    A gluten-free, mainly plant-based nutrition and recipe blog by a southern Registered Dietitian Nutritionist.

  • the Gluten free Italian

    the Gluten free Italian
    Authors: Stephanie Clairmont, Kara Racco

    A blog written by registered dietitian Stephanie Clairmont focusing on gluten-free, low FODMAP, Italian recipes & advice for those with Irritable Bowel Sydrome (IBS) and food intolerance. Our goal is to show you how eating without can be absolutely delicious!

  • The Gluten-Free RD

    The Gluten-Free RD
    Author: Rachel Begun

    A registered dietitian's perspective on finding the balance between eating gluten-free healthfully and happily. Includes:  information about celiac disease and other gluten-associated conditions; recipes; product reviews; restaurant recommendations.

  • the Green Dietitian

    the Green Dietitian
    Author: Louisa Rosenqvist

    I'm Louisa, a plant-eating dietitian living in Sweden. Tea, dark chocolate, green smoothies and everything wellness make me happy.

  • The Healthy Fit Foodie

    The Healthy Fit Foodie
    Author: Lara Clevenger

    Healthy recipes, workouts, tips to live a healthier lifestyle, diet myths, research.

  • The Nutrition Grapevine

    The Nutrition Grapevine
    Authors: Jacqui Campbell, Jackie Stevenson

    Nutrition and wellness focused blog written by registered dietitians and dietetic technicians of Bordeaux Nutrition® LLC. Our blog focuses on "Paleoesque™" eating, whole food nutrition, and natural living.

  • The Pampered Dietitian

    The Pampered Dietitian
    Author: Heather Woodward

    Whole-foods based nutritious recipes, nutrition information, and cooking tips. Almost all recipes are gluten-free, most are lactose-free (or can be), many are vegetarian or vegan. I include a nutrition facts label created for each recipe and nutrition highlights.

  • The Sassy Dietitian

    The Sassy Dietitian
    Author: Laura Ligos

    The Sassy Dietitian is a judgement free zone where Laura aka "Sassy" discusses how to live a real food lifestyle in a fast food world. She provides new recipes weekly and debunks nutrition myths on the regular.

  • The Spicy RD

    The Spicy RD
    Author: EA Stewart

    The Spicy RD blog dishes up a handful of nutrition advice, a dollop of delicious recipes, a pinch of gluten-free living tips, a dash of spice, and lots of fun!

  • The Tummy Troubles Dietitian

    The Tummy Troubles Dietitian
    Author: Lauren Renlund

    Lauren Renlund is a registered dietitian who knows first-hand what it is like to struggle with digestive symptoms and IBS. Follow her blog for tasty low FODMAP and gluten-free recipes, plus informative articles on digestive health and nutrition.

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  • What I'm Eating Now

    What I
    Author: Tamara Freuman

    A food and nutrition blog dedicated to gluten-free living, featuring healthy, plant-based recipes, meal ideas and nutrition tips.

  • Whole Foods Explorer

    Whole Foods Explorer
    Author: Maribeth Evezich

    Has your healthy cooking become boring? Mine did. Whole Foods Explorer is a website dedicated to the curious exploration of whole foods how, to prepare them and reinvent them. Along the way, comfort foods of the past may be transformed into staples of a healthy lifestyle today.

  • With Health & Gratitude

    With Health & Gratitude
    Author: Jessica Grosman

    With Health & Gratitude is a blog written by me, Jessica Grosman. I'm a Registered Dietitian, recipe developer, and culinary nutrition educator. On the blog, I share my plant-based and gluten-free recipes; they are all healthful, nutritious, and absolutely delicious!