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  • 360 Family Nutrition

    360 Family Nutrition
    Author: Kristen Smith

    360FamilyNutrition was created to provide a full circle approach to eating healthy and making better food choices for the entire family. Throughout the website you will find nutrition tips, behavior recommendations, and recipes designed for all ages.

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  • A blog that promotes good food (full of nutrients) as the route to good health

    A blog that promotes good food (full of nutrients) as the route to good health
    Author: Sharon Wheelock

    I am a nutritionist in the UK and I promote the use of nutrient-dense food as a route to good health and improved well-being.

  • A Dietitian's Diary

    A Dietitian
    Author: Denise Olejarczyk

    A Dietitian's Diary: Finding a Healthy Balance is a blog that allows me to analyze the struggles we face as a society to live healthier lifestyles. There are many factors that may effect our physical, emotional, and spiritual balance and may contribute to our value of nutrition.

  • A Dietitian's Kitchen

    A Dietitian
    Author: Edie Shaw-Ewald

    My blog is a photo tutorial of healthy, primarily local and seasonal, often vegetarian, always delicious recipes. As a private practice dietitian, I love to show clients how to cook real food!

  • A Healthy Recipe for every meal.

    A Healthy Recipe for every meal.
    Author: Helen Agresti

    Start Living Healthy with Nutritious and Delicious recipes from Helen Agresti R.D. Helen is a mother of 5 active children. Her recipes are designed to be easy, healthy, and delicious for all ages!

  • A Market Basket of Nutrition Services

    A Market Basket of Nutrition Services
    Author: Cindy Silver

    I encourage everyone to keep it simple ~ keep it nutritious as they plan, shop for and cook at home. My simple, friendly, educational blog features tips, food shopping secrets & really easy recipes. Fun in the kitchen!

  • A Meal in a Glass

    A Meal in a Glass
    Author: Angie Frost

    I write about what I know: Nutrition, Food, Travel and Fun!! I am a Registered Dietitian and I have the best job in the world as a Nutrition Educator for a local school corporation. I get to teach kids to make healthy food and lifestyle choices!

  • A Pinch of Grace

    A Pinch of Grace
    Author: Ashley Munro

    Food and nutrition blog written by a dietitian, aimed to inspire a healthy lifestyle that includes approachable family recipes. Foster mindful eating and balanced lifestyle. All with a goal to make nutritious food taste delicious!

  • A Slice of Nutrition

    A Slice of Nutrition
    Author: Avital Greenbaum

    A Blog that gives out sound nutritional advice and tips for the average person.  This RD has a passion for teaching others how to live a nutritious lifestyle!

  • A Spoon Full of Yum

    A Spoon Full of Yum
    Author: Bethany Thomson

    A Spoon Full of Yum: Infusing healthy with flavor... one spoonful at a time. Grab your apron and join me in my kitchen as we re-create All-American foods from scratch into wholesome and delicious family favorites. I specialize in recipes made from freshly milled whole grains.

  • A Sprig of Time

    A Sprig of Time
    Author: Annette Langan

    A Sprig of Time was conceived as an outlet for my desire everyone to help others experience the pure joy that I do while I’m cooking. It is true that cooking can seem like just another check box on the never-ending to-do list of life. But what if the time spent meal planning,

  • Abby Langer Nutrition

    Abby Langer Nutrition
    Author: Abby Langer

    My blog contains posts of my takes on the latest and greatest nutrition trends, foods, and news, presented in an entertaining and smart narrative.

  • ABCD Eat Right

    ABCD Eat Right
    Author: Brandi Thompson

    ABCD Eat Right was started to help parents and schools with childhood nutrition information. Although this blog hasn't been going for 3 months I have started other blogs. My business has been active for over a year.

  • Allison Tannenbaum, Nutrition4Life

    Allison Tannenbaum, Nutrition4Life
    Author: Allison Tannenbaum

    A blog about healthy eating and healthy living, and all things nutrition!

  • AM Dietetics

    AM Dietetics
    Author: Anne Myers-Wright

    Are you hungry for more information about good nutrition? Do you want to keep up to date with the most current and scientifically accurate trends in a world filled with conflicting advice? Sometimes the demands of life can make it difficult to ensure that you maintain a well-balanced and nutritious diet. It’s so important to try to eat as well as you can. Good, nutritious food is the foundation that nourishes your body and your mind. Imagine feeling confident, clear of mind, full of energy and “fighting-fit”. Imagine knowing you have done everything you can to reduce the risk of you or your family falling prey to the chronic diseases so prevalent in the modern world. This is what good nutrition can do for you. If you are looking for a special diet or simply want to ensure your diet is the best it can be, I can help you. If you are after honest, simple nutrition information, designed for those who are passionate about food and healthy eating, then you have come to the right place.

  • America's Nutrition Expert

    Author: Mitzi Dulan

    My passion is to help other people get healthy, lose weight and perform their best.  My philosophy is to eat clean, real foods and allow indulgences for your favorites. I think food should be fun, fresh and flavorful!

  • amy ReeD Nutrition

    amy ReeD Nutrition
    Author: Amy Reed

    Amy provides genuine nutrition information without the fear. Find information on how to serve family meals that accommodate all taste buds, family recipes, and ideas on how to encourage healthy eating (without ever using the word nutrition).

  • Ann E. The RD

    Ann E. The RD
    Author: Ann Frey

    There is so much misinformation on what is “healthy” for kids. My blog provides guidance on nutritious, delicious, affordable, and realistic food selections from local stores. I will be providing a quick synopsis of each product and will discuss the nutritional benefits.

  • AntiStressDiet Stress Sweat

    AntiStressDiet Stress Sweat
    Author: Lisa Dorfman
    Performance Nutritionist & Psychotherapist Lisa Dorfman offers simple, practical tips for dealing, healing & preparing for many different stressful situations. Blog includes stress-fighting recipes, plans, tips, and real-life "how-to's" to help heal your stress, body, & soul!
  • Apple A Day Nutrition

    Apple A Day Nutrition
    Author: Heidi McIndoo

    A Mom, a foodie, and a dietitian all rolled into one. Here I share my common sense thoughts, opinions, ideas, and more about raising healthy kids, eating nutritiously, and eating deliciously in the real world.

  • Around The Plate

    Around The Plate
    Author: Kati Mora

    Join me, the girl behind the plate, and visiting RDs from across the globe to discover the truth about nutrition. When you gather "around the plate" with us you will find realistic, accurate, and relevant advice for your everyday life.

  • Ashley Koff RD

    Ashley Koff RD
    Author: Ashley Koff

    Want to know what's going on in nutrition? Nutrition recommendations for quality choices; How to be a Qualitarian; hot topics; media mentions with additional information.

  • Ask the Diet Coach

    Ask the Diet Coach
    Author: Laurie Beebe

    Have a question about diet, nutrition, or weight loss? Get the answer from an expert! Laurie is a registered dietitian certified in adult weight management. Find out how to lower cholesterol, gain (or lose) weight, and bust those diet myths.

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  • Baby Fat Diet

    Baby Fat Diet
    Authors: Shara Aaron, Monica Bearden

    Nutrition and wellness information to help moms lose weight, stay healthy and grow healthy families.

  • Back To The Book Nutrition

    Back To The Book Nutrition
    Author: Dena Norton

    The Back To The Book Nutrition blog aims to inform readers regarding whole health and inspire them to prepare, eat, and enjoy clean food. Delicious recipes with vibrant photos, gardening discussions, family topics, expert interviews and faith lessons are some of what we provide.

  • Barbara Mayfield, MS, RDN Blog

    Barbara Mayfield, MS, RDN Blog
    Author: Barbara Mayfield

    Barb Mayfield leads nutrition professionals to communicate with excellence & confidence. Her weekly blog features content from the Academy's upcoming nutrition communication handbook, for which she is Editor-in-Chief, along with inspiring stories of communicating and connecting.

  • Be Well Gluten Free

    Be Well Gluten Free
    Author: Sally Marchini

    Helping people to make healthier gluten free choices regardless of their reason for being gluten free and advocating for correct diagnosis of coeliac disease. All blogs written and/or approved by Accredited Practising Dietitians. To support Facebook group 'Be Well Gluten Free'.

  • Better Than Dieting

    Better Than Dieting
    Author: Bonnie Taub-Dix

    This blog is where science is translated into sense, laced with humor and real-life situations. As a motivational speaker and journalist for over 3 decades, I've helped hundreds of people appreciate creating a marriage of great food & great health.

  • Beyond Prenatals

    Beyond Prenatals
    Author: Debra Woldoks
    The goal of Beyond Prenatals is to empower women to learn more about nutrition during preconception, pregnancy, and early childhood...and to go "beyond" prenatal vitamins in striving to create healthy families.
  • Blair Mize, RD

    Blair Mize, RD
    Author: Blair Mize

    Blair is a mom, wife, baker (in her spare time), & non-diet, body positive nutrition expert specializing in intuitive eating, sport nutrition, and disordered eating. Her energy & enthusiasm developed out of her own recovery journey toward a positive body image & self acceptance.

  • Blueprint Blog

    Blueprint Blog
    Author: Rosanne Robinson

    My blog is a mix of content and recipe posts. I love to write about current topics, always using evidence-based nutrition to guide my writing. And whenever possible, I like to make things humorous! My recipes are first DELICIOUS, then nutritious. My family has to enjoy eating it!

  • Brightonyourhealth

    Author: Mary Brighton is a healthy living/nutrition blog dedicated to helping readers of all ages live a longer, more productive lifestyle. The blog is written by Mary Brighton, MS, RD a registered dietitian living in France for the past 10 years

  • brown goat

    brown goat
    Author: Stephanie Lamar

    I’m a dietitian, foodie, and mama who loves to cook, shop at markets, write and read about food, share recipes, and eat!  i hope my weekly menus and recipes will help you fit real food into real family life.

  • Building Healthy Habits

    Building Healthy Habits
    Author: Yara Gholmie

    Building Healthy Habits' practical resources demonstrate the best reliable and simple evidence-based advice for healthcare professionals and families for early years and child health.

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  • Carrots and a Cupcake

    Carrots and a Cupcake
    Author: Susan Zeff

    I'm a Registered Dietitian who lives by the 80/20 rule: try to eat healthy 80% of the time and don't feel guilty about the other 20%. I am also the mother of two small children who love to push my nutritional buttons! Join me as I teach my family, friends and community how to eat right and live a healthy life.

  • Carrots and Cake

    Carrots and Cake
    Author: Nita Sharda
    This blog will offer readers a chance to reflect not only on the foods they eat, but how and why they eat. It is my sincere aim to provide readers with opportunities to learn more about our food, where it comes from and how it’s properties can nourish our body (or not).
  • Chapman's Landing Cooking Studio

    Author: Nancy Guppy

    I am a registered dietitian living on a century old farm in Nipissing village, northern Ontario. My food and nutrition blog promotes healthy eating using fresh seasonal ingredients, organics, growing what you can and supporting local agriculture.

  • Chelsea's Choices

    Author: Chelsea LeBlanc

    Chelsea's Choices is a food blog dedicated to sharing quick and healthy recipes to help others live a healthier life. My nutrition philosophy is everything in moderation, or as I like to say, “A spoonful of healthy with a pinch of treats”.

  • Children's dietitian

    Author: Paula Hallam
    My blog is about common childhood nutrition issues with helpful hints, tips and recipes. I am a UK-based dietitian with 14 years experience in all aspects of paediatric nutrition and dietetics.
  • Chocolate Slopes

    Chocolate Slopes
    Author: Kristy Hegner

    Chocolate Slopes is where you'll find scrumptious recipes and nutrition tips that are realistic for the entire family.

  • Christine's Blog

    Author: Christine Palumbo

    Written by an award-winning RDN and Fellow of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, this blog provides science-based advice primarily about feeding families, with a few “hot topics” thrown in for good measure. Don’t worry, while the blog is based on research, the tips are for “

  • Christy Wilson Nutrition

    Christy Wilson Nutrition
    Author: Christy Wilson

    As mom, wife and Registered Dietitian, I make nutrition information simple & meaningful & I prepare foods that are quick, delicious & healthy. I write, cook, teach, speak about and take photos of all that is food. Inspired by my family & my culture.

  • Cooking Fast and Eating Light

    Cooking Fast and Eating Light
    Author: Judy Matusky

    Cooking, nutrition and food information that is simple and to the point.

  • Cool Wet Grass by Naomi Cahill

    Cool Wet Grass by Naomi Cahill
    Author: Naomi Cahill

    A healthy lifestyle blog sharing evidence based nutrition and health information on topics pertinent to women juggling the numerous roles of mother, wife, daughter and friend. Including reflections on living an unconventional life on a beach in Nicaragua!

  • Create Kids Club

    Create Kids Club
    Author: Jodi Danen

    Create Kids Club is a food & nutrition blog for parents who desire quick healthy family meals. All recipes are simple to prepare, have few ingredients, & focus on fresh ingredients. Our goal is to create healthy habits through hands on experience in the kitchen.

  • Crystal Clear Nutrition

    Crystal Clear Nutrition
    Author: Crystal Hein

    Crystal will share her nutrition and healthy eating knowledge, recipes, ideas and fun food stuff. A healthy lifestyle also encompasses exercise, lifestyle and spiritual heath and well-being. I teach and live by three principles- moderation, variety and balance.

  • CVwellbeing

    Author: Carolyn Milles

    I'm Carolyn, a third-generation Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN) who believes life is for living, not restricting. Happily serving individuals in their journeys to nourish, move, create balance and be well in Portland, ME.

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  • Daily Dietitian

    Daily Dietitian
    Author: Stacy Mitchell

    Stacy is a Registered Dietitian and mother of three.  She understands it is difficult to provide healthy meals and snacks for her family. Her goal is to help others by providing quick, simply, and healthy meal ideas.

  • Dandelion Nutrition

    Dandelion Nutrition
    Author: Marlene Maltby

    Are you concerned about your child's weight? Do you have a picky eater? Adjusting to food sensitivities or allergies? Worried about your teen's poor eating habits? Get answers about your child's nutrition and learn what you can do to help ensure they grow strong, stay healthy an

  • Delicious Dietitian

    Delicious Dietitian
    Author: Nadine Fisher

    This blog is a collective group of posts from Iowa Dietitians including, organized and edited by Erin Thole MS, RDN. The information is published to educate and inform the public about healthy eating and exercise habits by trained professionals in the field.

  • Desi~licious RD

    Desi~licious RD
    Author: Shahzadi Devje

    Easy, taste-tested vegetarian and vegan recipes coupled with practical nutrition tips & tricks. Supporting driven moms discover how to eat well and build self-care into their daily habits to be successful in their mission, and stay on top of their game!

  • Devine Nutrition On the Run

    Devine Nutrition On the Run
    Author: Kelly Devine Rickert

    Between a crazy work schedule, screaming kids and the latest Pinterest find, who has time to train for a race or even think about planning next week’s meals? You do! Follow Devine Nutrition on the Run's blog for quick ideas on how to fuel you (and your family) on the run!

  • Diet Yumm

    Diet Yumm
    Author: Purva Gulyani

    Dietyumm is a blog by Purva an APD and BCS. You will find genuine information related to health and nutrition. With special inclinations towards bariatric surgery , weight management and diabetes control. Healthy recipes and guidance to purchase healthy food items.

  • Dietician Blog Mumbai

    Dietician Blog Mumbai
    Author: Krupa Parekh

    Krupa Parekh's Diet and Nutrition blog dispenses advice on diet, nutrition and weight loss. Krupa also answers commonly asked food questions that most people have in their lives.

  • Dietitian Mom

    Dietitian Mom
    Author: Anna Tseng

    Want to begin plant-based eating but don't know how? As a pediatric dietitian, my mission is to help you & your family thrive plantifully. This website features flavorful, family-friendly, kid-approved vegan recipes, plant-based child nutrition topics & Asian-inspired dishes!

  • Dietitian UK

    Dietitian UK
    Author: Priya Tew

    Thoughts on food, health and life from a registered dietitian. I'll be blogging about weaning and family meals, wheat and gluten free living and healthy eating. Recipes, top tips and more.

  • Dietitian's Eat Too

    Author: Dana Plummer

    A dietitian's journey through food struggles, healthy eating and weight loss strategies, nutrition tips, and recipes. Positive motivation, inspiration, and usable real-life information.

  • Dietitian's Life

    Authors: Sarah Boocock, Louise Robertson

    A blog about diet and life. Two best buddy Dietitians sharing our views and enthusiasm for all things nutrition and diet related. We blog on anything from healthy eating, special diets and being a Dietitian!

  • Dish and Delite

    Dish and Delite
    Author: Cheryl Meyer

    I strongly believe that good nutrition can fit into a busy, modern lifestyle and share the tips and recipes on my blog to help inspire and equip readers to enjoy nutritious, delicious food!

  • Domestic Dreamboat

    Domestic Dreamboat
    Author: Carissa Serink
    Domestic Dreamboat is a blog dedicated to my love of all things homemade. It mainly features recipes, but will also feature general cooking and healthy eating tips as well as occasional craft tutorials.
  • Down-to-Earth Dietitian

    Down-to-Earth Dietitian
    Author: Jen Haugen
    The Down-to-Earth Dietitian blog is about sharing behind-the-shelves information about foods you buy in the supermarket and how they get to our tables. Jen loves to educate others on how foods from the earth nourish our families. Shopping tips & recipes too!
  • Dr. Janet Brill - Eat Healthy. Exercise. Live Better.

    Dr. Janet Brill - Eat Healthy. Exercise. Live Better.
    Author: Janet Brill

    Empowering and transforming lives through healthy living. Let Dr. Janet help you to make better food, fitness, and lifestyle choices which will ultimately help you to live a healthier, happier, and longer life.

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  • Eat Fit Run

    Eat Fit Run
    Author: Melissa Majumdar

    The purpose of the blog is to share my sports nutrition knowledge with runners, athletes, and other health conscious followers.

  • Eat Good 4 Life

    Eat Good 4 Life
    Author: Miryam Quinn Doblas

    Healthy and nutritious food made easy. I feature healthy recipes with beautiful pictures and instructions to follow. This blog is all about cooking, eating, and experimenting with food. Enjoy

  • Eat Healthy, Shop Smart with Coborn's Supermarket Registered Dietitians

    Eat Healthy, Shop Smart with Coborn
    Authors: Ashley Kibutha, Emily Parent, Amy Peick

    Coborn's Supermarket RDs lay down the nutrition facts for food fans, health enthusiasts, & everyone in-between! We base our recommendations on evidence-based science & relay the info in a relatable way. So join us as we explore the world of nutrition & have a little fun, too!

  • Eat right and bright Nebraska

    Eat right and bright Nebraska
    Author: Becky Guittar

    I have one of the best opportunities as a dietitians, I am employed at a grocery store where customers make many of their food decisions I like to share recipes, tips, ideas for customers looking for healthy eating ideas for heart health, kids, gluten-free and more .

  • Eat Right Mama

    Eat Right Mama
    Author: Bridget Swinney

    Eat Right Mama provides a healthy slice of eating and living advice for moms, moms-to-be, and those trying to conceive. Written by mom of two and registered dietitian author Bridget Swinney, the blog will also entertain you with mama musings & fun travel tales.

  • Eat Right, Live Life, Play Hard

    Eat Right, Live Life, Play Hard
    Author: Marcia Scheideman

    Designed to help readers incorporate healthy choices into their current diets in order to reach their goals in enjoyable, flavorful, healthy ways. Uses Dietary guidelines and MyPyramid as basis

  • Eat to Nourish, Energize and Flourish!

    Eat to Nourish, Energize and Flourish!
    Author: Ann Teh

    My blog covers a variety of nutrition and fitness topics, including feeding my toddler, sports nutrition, general nutrition, my journey in triathlons and racing and anything else food or cooking related I want to share.

  • Eat Well with Gina

    Eat Well with Gina
    Author: Gina Consalvo
    Gina Consalvo, MA, RD, LDN writes about evidence-based nutrition information to debunk nutrition myths, answer questions, and question the latest fad. Gina values transparency and ethics in nutrition writing and reporting.
  • Eating Mindset

    Eating Mindset
    Author: Stephanie Fade

    Practical insights from an experienced Dietitian. Make sense of the science and explore practical tips and information to help you and your family maintain a healthy weight, tackle bloating and bowel problems, make healthy choices for all the stages of life and more.

  • Element Nutrition Co. For Kids

    Element Nutrition Co. For Kids
    Author: Jessica Gust

    Element Nutrition Co. (for kids) provides credible nutrition advice for parents of children between the ages of 6 mo. and 17 years. This blog is written by Jessica Gust, MS, RDN a Pediatric Dietitian, who helps parents raise healthy eaters from starting solids to starting college

  • Empowered Eating Blog

    Empowered Eating Blog
    Author: Rebecca Bitzer

    Inspiration, motivation, and the tips and tools you need to recover from disordered eating and live a life free from food struggles.

  • Emsley Willingham, RD

    Emsley Willingham, RD
    Author: Emsley Willingham

    On my blog you will find a versatile batch of healthy recipes, along with nutrition information to help you establish a real, simple, and balanced lifestyle for yourself.

  • ENT Wellbeing Sydney

    ENT Wellbeing Sydney
    Author: Belinda Elwin

    ENT Wellbeing Diet and Nutrition are accredited practicing dietitians in Sydney. We work in private practice and see both children and adults. As part of our patient education program we regularly write on areas of dietetics relevant to our clinical practice.

  • everyday healthy eating

    everyday healthy eating
    Author: Maggie Moon
    I want to share useful information that can be put into practice, today. Topics range from fresh, healthy recipes, to weight loss, family and kid-friendly meals and snacks, sustainable seafood, heart health, supermarkets, diet book reviews, food safety, policy, and more.

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  • faaizahsnutritionlab

    Author: Faaizah Laher

    Teaching healthy meals one recipe at a time. Hints on a healthy lifestyle. I take the recipes I love and are traditional, I take them to my 'lab' and try to make them low sugar/ low fat and healthier.

  • FaithFull Eating

    FaithFull Eating
    Author: Richelle Tabelon

    FaithFull Eating was created as an outlet to express thoughts on faith, family, food and fitness. The focus is how spirituality can be intertwined within all of these areas and consequently have a positive impact on health and wellness.

  • Family & Co. Nutrition

    Family & Co. Nutrition
    Author: Maude Perreault

    Weekly posts to help you achieve your family health and wellness goals and raise happy eaters. We help new moms and dads with practical tips, insights on the latest pediatric nutrition research, and plenty of FREE and printable resources for your convenience.

  • Family. Food. Fiesta.

    Family. Food. Fiesta.
    Author: Sarah Koszyk

    I’m a San Franciscan and registered dietitian foodie who eats delicious, easy-to-make, healthy, affordable food while balancing my work-life-home chaos. I can help you feed your family right with health tips, kid cooking videos, and scrumptious, low fat comfort-food recipes.

  • Feeding With Flair

    Feeding With Flair
    Author: Elise Fairey

    A Vancouver based blog focused on sharing nutrition tips and recipes for kids of all ages and during pregnancy. My goal is to help families raise happy, healthy eaters.

  • Fiddle With Your Food

    Fiddle With Your Food
    Author: Sandra Meyerowitz

    Fiddle With Your Food is about practical and current nutrition information for adults everywhere so you can eat better to feel better. Eat the right food for your body.

  • Food is Vida

    Food is Vida
    Author: Jennifer Rodriguez

    Food is Vida, created by plant-based dietitian Jennifer Rodriguez, encourages preventive-based health practices by inspiring others to view food as life or 'vida', while balancing other healthful actions in our daily lives such as a healthy mind, body and spirit.

  • Food News & Reviews

    Food News & Reviews
    Author: Karen Buch

    My Blog is dedicated the healthy enjoyment of food. You will find delicious recipes, food & nutrition news and reviews of foods, food products, books, kitchen gadgets and more. I'm a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, mom, blogger & supermarket retail nutrition communicator

  • Food Sense Nutrition

    Food Sense Nutrition
    Author: Danielle VenHuizen

    Being that I specialize in food sensitivities, I tend to write about topics pertaining to those who have IBS, migraines, fibromyalgia or other digestive disorders. I also love writing about pregnancy and child nutrition and the unique nutritional needs of those groups.

  • Food To Fit

    Food To Fit
    Author: Brooke Bulloch

    Food To Fit offers evidence-based yet practical nutrition support that fits your life, your sport, your workplace! Our blog topics include infant nutrition, family friendly recipes, weight management, allergies, food sustainability, and current trends and controversies.

  • Foodie Runner Family

    Foodie Runner Family
    Author: Kim McDevitt

    Dietitian and her husband share their musings around shared passions: running, food, family and laughter, through heartfelt honest posts.

  • Foods With Judes: Simple Savory Solutions

    Foods With Judes: Simple Savory Solutions
    Author: Judith Scharman

    Take my healthy food challenge every month to feel great and lose body fat while making super nutritious foods into fast, family favorites. Join me in my quest to prepare healthy, scrumptious food in no time!

  • FoodWise Nutrition

    FoodWise Nutrition
    Author: Autumn Hoverter

    FoodWise Nutrition provides nutrition information in an easy, approachable manner, along with delicious gluten-free recipes and stunning food photography.  I advocate a whole-foods, whole-life approach and want you to eat for your mind, body.

  • Fresh Start Nutrition

    Fresh Start Nutrition
    Author: Melanie Zook
    Fresh Start Nutrition is your resource for personalized nutrition, wellness, and organizational solutions for you & your home.  Let this be your guide for an everyday healthy kitchen & lifestyle, so that you can have a Fresh Start…every day.
  • fresh-you

    Author: Colleen Grossner

    Simply refreshing wellness for improved quality of life!  Colleen is passionate about helping people become healthier inside and out!  This mom of 3, soccer player, and runner, shares insights, advice, helpful hints, and nutrition words of wisdom!

  • Fuel To Perform

    Fuel To Perform
    Author: Aubrey Golbek

    Grace Based dietitian specializing intuitive eating and sports nutrition sharing new thoughts on food, faith, and fitness with the aim of restoring freedom, joy, satisfaction and normalcy to your eating relationship.

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  • GardenCuizine

    Author: Diana Wind

    Healthy Lifestyle, Food and Nutrition Connecting families to nutritious food through gardening

  • Global Dietitians

    Global Dietitians
    Author: Romina Barritta de Defranchi

    Global dietitians is a fun place to share and network between for food and nutrition professionals from around the world.

  • Glowing Nutrition

    Glowing Nutrition
    Author: Sandra Trinidad

    Sandra is an RD with a passion for making eating fun, educational and nutritious. Follow her blog to learn more about healthy eating, weight management and more.

  • God, Food, Run

    God, Food, Run
    Author: JeJe Noval

    An educational blog encouraging people to live a healthy lifestyle through nutrition and exercise with God at the center of it all.

  • Goodness Gracious Living

    Goodness Gracious Living
    Author: Beth Rosen

    A Registered Dietitian blogging about living a healthy life. Topics include tips on current nutrition trends, recipes for everyone - even those with food intolerances and allergies, and sustainable living interest pieces including organic gardening and upcycled crafting.

  • Gourmet Gypsy

    Gourmet Gypsy
    Author: Stephanie Dee

    Eat, Travel, Play. I am a Dietitian living in Brisbane, combining my love for food and nutrition with travel to give you hot tips and tricks, reviews and inspiration.

  • GoWin Nutrition

    GoWin Nutrition
    Author: Tina Carlucci

    I'm a Registered Dietititian, avid runner, new mom, and food lover who likes to talk about eating food…not not eating it. My goal is to help you find your healthy – to discover the balance that makes you feel amazing inside and out.

  • Grainddiction

    Author: Dea Krismarietta
    Grainddiction is a food and nutrition blog owned by an Accredited Practising Dietitian. The contents are mostly educational and evidence-based. You can also find healthy recipes on grainddiction.
  • Grub For Gratitude

    Grub For Gratitude
    Author: Lisa Danielson

    Grub for Gratitude is a blog with tips and tricks from a Minnesota Supermarket Dietitian- living and love the most important gift you can give yourself... a healthy lifestyle!

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  • HÄLSA Nutrition

    HÄLSA Nutrition
    Author: Maria Adams

    Maria Adams is a Swedish-born Registered Dietitian and mother of two boys with a love for cooking and baking and living healthfully. She specializes in nutrition coaching for moms and families. Follow her HÄLSA Nutrition blog for recipes, nutrition advice, and more.

  • Happily Ever Appetite

    Happily Ever Appetite
    Author: Amy Colbert

    Sugar, spice and everything…Nutritious! A blog for those with an appetite for reading about healthy recipes, tasty treats, trending foods, must-try restaurants and overall health & nutrition – brought to you by a friendly dietitian!

  • Happy, Healthy Life

    Happy, Healthy Life
    Author: Rebecca Scritchfield

    I help people find their health and happiness “sweet spot,” where they feel great about their habits and enjoy a life well-lived. Rather than lay out all the “rules,” I focus on feeling good. Health is about pleasure. When you enjoy what you’re doing, you’re driven to keep it up.

  • Health & Nutrition Tips

    Health & Nutrition Tips
    Author: Ionut Tudor Bosnea

    A Romanian dietitian shares his tips about health, nutrition and working diets.

  • Health Stand Nutrition

    Health Stand Nutrition
    Author: Andrea Holwegner

    The Health Stand Nutrition blog features current articles, TV segments, radio segments, podcasts, recipes, tips and more written by Registered Dietitians,

  • Healthy Bites

    Healthy Bites
    Author: Katie Cavuto
    The Healthy Bites Blog is all about promoting simple, delicious, approachable food for everyday use. We promote real foods, the importance of cooking for health and wellness, and the principle of food as your medicine.
  • Healthy Eating for Families

    Healthy Eating for Families
    Authors: Mary Mullen, Jodie Shield

    Welcome to Healthy Eating for Families! If you're trying to raise a healthy eater in a fattening world, you have come to the right place. Here you will find the latest nutrition news broken down into bite-size pieces of information and practical tips.

  • Healthy in the Kitchen

    Healthy in the Kitchen
    Author: Michelle Moreau

    Every meal is an opportunity to nourish your body. At Healthy in the Kitchen, we share recipes that inspire healthier cooking and eating. Ready for more fruits, veggies and whole grains in your diet? Then pay us a visit. Happy Healthy Eating! - Chef Michelle Moreau, RDN

  • Healthy Inspiration

    Healthy Inspiration
    Author: Jennifer Hunt

    Filled with compassionate encouragement and real-life solutions, Healthy Inspiration seeks to help you take nutrition science and make it practical for everyday life. No guilt or shame. Only delicious, useful, stress-free ideas to help you live a healthy and vibrant life.

  • HealthyEating

    Authors: Maureen Bligh, Mary Anne Burkman, MPH, RD, Lori Hoolihan, PhD, RD, Trina Robertson, RD, Ashley Rosales, RD

    The HealthyEating Blog offers recipes, advice and tips from registered dietitian nutritionists to elevate the health of children and parents through the pursuit of healthy, balanced eating habits and lifelong values for milk and dairy foods. Brought to you by Dairy Council of CA.

  • Heather Goesch Nutrition

    Heather Goesch Nutrition
    Author: Heather Goesch

    A space to connect more personally with seasonal recipes, tips to nourish a busy life, and the latest nutrition news. I strive to find joy and balance in a healthy lifestyle, and hope to encourage you to do the same... because when you live a life you love, it will love you back!

  • Heather's Blog

    Author: Heather Mangieri

    Written by mom and sports dietitian Heather Mangieri, this blog's main message is about eating real food to maximize health and athletic performance for all ages. Heather shares tips & tricks for eating right when it matters most.

  • Holley Grainger Nutrition

    Holley Grainger Nutrition
    Author: Holley Grainger

    Registered dietitian and mom, Holley Grainger, understands the struggles parents face when striving to feed themselves and their families healthy, nutritious meals. She offers doable, real-world nutrition tips and cooking advice that will leave you feeling energized and inspired.

  • Hope Warshaw

    Hope Warshaw
    Author: Hope Warshaw

    Warshaw's blog ranges from cut to the chase, up to the minute advice about managing diabetes and mastering weight control, to practical tips for healthier restaurant eating. Blogs are founded on evidence with an eye towards what's doable in the real world.

  • How to Eat

    How to Eat
    Two food loving soul-mates (and registered dietitians) cooking up a storm and providing tips and tricks to eat well. Recipes categories include: Recipe Makeovers, Quickie Meals, Easy Lunches, Grab-and-Go Breakfasts, Slow Cooker Meals, Snack Healthy.

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  • I Rock Health

    I Rock Health
    Author: Allison Walker

    I Rock Health is a Christian wellness blog and website. We exist to help families thrive with a faith-based approach to health and wellness.

  • In Wealth and Health

    In Wealth and Health
    Author: Jessa Nowak

    Credible health and nutrition information, great recipes, success strategies, business lessons and maintaining a happy life. All brought to you by a dietitian and a savvy businessman.

  • Indulgent Wellness

    Indulgent Wellness
    Author: Kate Byers

    Indulgent Wellness is a dedicated to delicious and nutritious foods including chocolate, wine and cheese. My food philosophy is that health and indulgence are not mutually exclusive and finding the right balance between savoring an indulgence and going overboard.

  • INSPIRD Nutrition

    INSPIRD Nutrition
    Author: Haley Goodrich

    I'm Haley, a Registered Dietitian and culinary enthusiast. I believe in personal progress not unrealistic perfection. My passion is helping people learn to enjoy healthy food, build a life free of restriction, and create sustainable solutions for their nutritional needs.

  • Inspired RD

    Inspired RD
    Author: Alysa Bajenaru
    Join Alysa and her family as they challenge you to live life inspired. On, you will find simple gluten-free recipes, fitness tips, practical nutrition information and inspirational photography. Alysa also shares what it's like to live life with celiac disease.
  • Intuitive Nutrition

    Intuitive Nutrition
    Author: Heather Rudalavage

    My blog is about nutrition with an emphasis on tuning into one's "inner wisdom" to know what when and how much to eat. I talk about making sure you are taking care of yourself on many levels to prevent turning to food as a sole source of pleasure. I use a holistic, non-diet approach in my practice. I sometimes include recipes and book reviews.



    iUBER Wellness offers practical tips, strategies, and resources for a balanced approach to wellness. We focus on 4 key areas to achieve optimum health: EAT PLAY SLEEP TALK. We believe the pursuit of health should be simple and fun!

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  • Jennifer Brown Wellness

    Jennifer Brown Wellness
    Author: Jennifer Brown

    Jennifer Brown is a registered dietitian and yoga instructor who takes a holistic approach to healthy living. She blogs about evidence-based nutrition and yogic techniques for maintaining a healthy body and mind. She aims to empower women of all ages to live their best life.

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  • Kate Roberts Nutrition

    Kate Roberts Nutrition
    Author: Kate Roberts

    Registered Dietitian and expert in nutrition giving evidence-based advice and easy recipes. My aim is to help people meet their nutritional goals by finding practical food based solutions. Specialities: food allergies and intolerances, diabetes, weight loss & paediatric nutrition

  • Katie Serbinski: For the Love of Family, Food, and Health

    Katie Serbinski: For the Love of Family, Food, and Health
    Author: Katie Serbinski

    For the Love of Food, Family, and Health gives me the opportunity to connect with families online and build a network as a trusted source of food and nutrition information. I blog about all things family and food related, including healthy recipes and musings about motherhood.

  • Keep Your Diet Real

    Keep Your Diet Real
    Author: Corrine Fischer
    Keep Your Diet Real is a place to find quick and healthy meal ideas. Our mission is to improve the quality of family life - one meal at a time.
  • Keeping up with the Dietitian

    Keeping up with the Dietitian
    Author: Lindsay Pugliese

    Keep up with the latest new topics in the nutrition industry, learn healthy alternatives to cooking and baking and keep up with the dietitian as she brings adventures to your way. 

  • Kids Kitchen

    Kids Kitchen
    Author: Leah Smith

    A family focused blog featuring recipes and tip for moms, kids, and families. We capture the kids' faces and comments from our Kids Kitchen's cooking classes for kids. You can find lunch box ideas, school birthday and holiday party food ideas, and recipes for your whole family.

    Author: Kim Galeaz

    Age vibrantly and optimally with science-based nutrition tips and recipes that blend great taste and good nutrition. Savor every bite and sip without angst, fear or guilt. Recipes and tips for families and grandparents cooking with kids.

  • Kinder Nutrition

    Kinder Nutrition
    Author: Tok-Hui Yeap

    This is a blog dedicated for women, maternal and child health. Focusing on good nutrition for family and raising healthy kids. I also provide private consultation services for the complex pediatric cases that require nutrition therapy.

  • Kindred Nutrition

    Kindred Nutrition
    Author: Amy Goldsmith

    Amy Goldsmith is a Registered and Licensed dietitian and owner of Kindred Nutrition, a private practice in Maryland. Amy created the Ask Amy blog to address all the ambiguous nutrition questions, statements, and fads that are printed, discussed, and debated. Need real answers on real nutrition? Ask Amy, I'll get you the right information with the science behind it

  • KISS in the Kitchen

    KISS in the Kitchen
    Author: Shannon Garcia

    KISS in the Kitchen features simple recipes and helpful nutrition tips from a registered dietitian. Good nutrition and healthy eating doesn't have to be complicated and KISS in the Kitchen is dedicated to keeping nutrition simple.

  • Kleiner Nutrition

    Kleiner Nutrition
    Author: Rima Kleiner

    Registered dietitian and mom of two, Rima shares recipes, tips and resources to help busy parents and companies navigate the world of challenging feeders, food allergies and healthy eating.

  • KTKnutrition

    Author: Kathryn Kotula

    Kathryn Kotula is a registered dietitian who writes on diet and health and fitness/sports nutrition.

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  • Lea Stening Health

    Lea Stening Health
    Author: Lea Stening

    Lea Stening Health provides monthly articles that are evidenced based on topics relating to family, paediatric and sports nutrition. Our content is practical and aimed at providing the latest developments in nutrition science on subjects that are relevant to daily life

  • Leanne Ray Nutrition

    Leanne Ray Nutrition
    Author: Leanne Ray

    My goal is to make nutrition and cooking practical for busy professionals. I post plant-powered recipes and talk a lot about cooking technique, and also break down nutrition science topics to make them fun and approachable to read!

  • Let's Have Mixture

    Author: Jamey Levenson

    I am a Foodie, Mom, Wife, Dietitian. I love all things food. I collect recipes, pin recipes, read menus, cookbooks, try new recipes, try new restaurants, visit favorite restaurants. I am not a writer, but I am going to try and bring things to life on this blog. I hope to inspire

  • Little Spoons & Spice

    Little Spoons & Spice
    Author: Stacey Weichelt

    Healthy cooking with kids blog . This blog was created for parents, families, and even teachers who want some ideas to improve child nutrition and get their kids involved in the kitchen. Our recipes include cooking modifications for the ages with a twist of nutrition education.

  • Little Sprout Nutrition

    Little Sprout Nutrition
    Author: Stephanie Rink

    Little Sprout Nutrition is a nutrition consulting service focused on moms (whether planning a family, currently pregnancy, or already with little ones at home!), babies, and children. Little Sprout offers personalized nutrition recommendations based on your lifestyle and needs.

  • Living Well Kitchen

    Living Well Kitchen
    Author: Meme Inge

    Where good health & great taste mix together in the kitchen.

  • Liz On Food

    Liz On Food
    Author: Liz Marr

    Liz On Food is Registered Dietitian Liz Marr's online buffet serving up recipes as well as insight, humor and advice on food and nutrition science, policy and trends.

  • LV'S Nutrition and Fitness Blog

    Author: Lara Veazey

    Dietetics and fitness expert Lara Veazey, MA, RD/LD, NSCA-CPT, owner of HLOKC has assisted many clients in successfully accomplishing their health goals. Lara has customized nutrition and exercise plans for clients of all ages. Her contagious passion for fitness and nutrition and practical approach to health inspires her clients to succeed in achieving their goals of a healthier lifestyle.

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  • Make Healthy Easy

    Make Healthy Easy
    Author: Jenna Braddock

    Real life strategies for better health from a dietitian, mom and football coach's wife.

  • Making the Menu

    Making the Menu
    Author: Susan Nicholson

    Mission—to give readers a look into the life of the 7-Day Menu Planner’s recipe testing, successes, failures, new discoveries and food travels. Full disclosure: I’m an average cook with a lot of experience.

  • Mama Dietitian

    Mama Dietitian
    Author: Adora Pali

    A Real Mom's Guide to Nutrition: Nutrition tips for mamas and their families. Breastfeeding and picky eating tips. Healthy recipes for busy mamas. Also personal experience with diabetes.

  • Mama Knows Nutrition

    Mama Knows Nutrition
    Author: Kacie Barnes

    Mama Knows Nutrition helps moms find solutions to nourish themselves and their families without stress, guilt, or chaos. (OK, maybe there’s always a little bit of chaos when kids are involved!) On this blog you’ll find family-friendly recipes and tips on feeding your family.

  • Marcia Nelson's Blog

    Marcia Nelson
    Author: Marcia Nelson

    A Registered Dietitian specializing in sports nutrition and a lover of good food using healthy ingredients (and a few not so good-for-you treats!). I am fascinated by the influence of nutrition on sports performance. 

  • Mariette Abrahams Blog- The Personalized nutrition Consultant

    Mariette Abrahams Blog- The Personalized nutrition Consultant
    Author: Mariette Abrahams

    This blog covers the latest developments,research, news and trends in Nutritional Genomics & Personalized nutrition,digital health and Functional foods

  • maryopfernutrition

    Author: Mary Opfer

    My blog covers eating healthy and having great tasting food, healthy cooking techniques and recipes. I write about foods, diets, special interests and the food and health connection as well as eating for certain diseases.

  • Maud's Kitchen...Down Under!

    Author: Holly Doyle

    This blog will detail, among lots of other foodie stuff I am passionate about, the dietetic exploration of my Australian adventure linking to UK public health messages that I feel everyone should be aware of. Hopefully you will find my blogs informative and practical (with a deg

  • Melissa Traub

    Melissa Traub
    Author: Melissa Altman-Traub

    Plant based nutrition and healthy living! Nutrition information, recipes, healthy eating for travel, with a focus on homemade food and vegan recipes.

  • Michelle Dudash

    Michelle Dudash
    Author: Michelle Dudash

    I’m Michelle Dudash, writer of this blog, a chef and nutrition expert obsessed with food. Mostly I will be sharing stories about inspiring dishes I make or encounter during my travels. The food and recipes I choose are natural and good for you.

  • Modest Nutrition

    Modest Nutrition
    Author: Shaistha Zaheeruddin

    Invest in Your Health to keep you young-at-heart, energetic and, potentially free of many diseases. Modest Nutrition is dedicated to teaching the public about healthy nutrition from a Registered Dietitian and to answer any questions you may have on diet, nutrition and health.

  • Mom's Kitchen Handbook: Raising Fresh-Food Kids in a French-Fried World

    Author: Katie Morford

    Written by a freelance food and nutrition writer, and mother of three, the blog addresses all of the challenges of raising children with adventuresome appetites and healthy attitudes towards food.  Includes recipes, tips and advice.

  • Mommy Dietitian

    Mommy Dietitian
    Author: Angela Lemond

    Knowledge is one thing, but isn't living it out the real challenge?  Angela translates evidence-based nutrition information into "news you can use," bottom line details for the average family.  Focus: reviews of the best practical nutrition/healthy living resoures.

  • MommyhoodBytes

    Author: Erin Palinski-Wade

    'Bytes' of information on nutrition, fitness, and motherhood

  • Morning by Morning Pathway to Health

    Morning by Morning Pathway to Health
    Author: Norma DeVault
    Your body is designed with the innate ability to stay healthy and to regain health. Morning By Morning Pathway to Health discusses ways we can achieve and maintain health from a natural, spiritual perspective.
  • Multivitamin Guide Blog

    Multivitamin Guide Blog
    Author: Greg Marshall

    The Multivitamin Guide Blog offers engaging articles on the topic of optimal nutrition and vitamin supplementation.

  • My Coach Bev

    My Coach Bev
    Author: Bev Benda

    My Coach Bev's Blog: your starting place for anyplace in the world! Want to improve your health, get your family's health on track, lose weight, de-stress, de-clutter, or just simplify your life? Name your goal... and... on your mark, get set, start here!

  • My Healthy Bites

    My Healthy Bites
    Author: Tracey Soulia

    Up to date information on a variety of nutrition topics, as well as yummy recipes made over to be healthier.

  • My Kid Loves Broccoli

    My Kid Loves Broccoli
    Author: Tracey Zoleta

    Tracey Zoleta, Registered Dietitian in Orange County, California gives practical tips for families to make healthy choices and be physically active together

  • My Kids Lick The Bowl

    My Kids Lick The Bowl
    Author: Stacey Kemeys

    Evidence based, common sense advice covering all things to do with feeding children birth to five years. Articles, Recipes, Tips, Practical Help. A wealth of human nutrition knowledge, a pinch of common sense, a dash of sarcasm, & far too many small children

  • Myplate2yours

    Author: Lynn Dugan
    Feeding active families healthy meals is challenging.  As a nutrition professional, it's even hard for me. Find my nutrition and health tips for active families at
  • MyRDNutritionist

    Author: Stephanie Lasher-Jones

    My RD Nutritionist is an online resource for nutrition information. This website is packed full of nutrition news, recipes, cooking techniques, weight loss tips, and nutrition myth busting. My expertise lies in adult weight management, sports nutrition, pregnancy and lactation.

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  • N.O.S.H Nibble On Something Healthy

    N.O.S.H  Nibble On Something Healthy
    Author: Donna Decaille

    An array of healthy nutrition advice for families and individuals interested in improving their overall health. Topic areas include child wellness and nutrition.

    Author: Nancy Ferriello

    Covers cooking and healthy living without fuss Features fun wellness activities, good value wellness products and svces

  • Northwood Nutrition Blog

    Northwood Nutrition Blog
    Author: Korrin Fotheringham

    Korrin Fotheringham, Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, shares her love for cooking, sustainability, cultural foods, homesteading & other nutrition topics. She utilizes a non-diet, integrative approach & aims to share inspiring stories that generate interest & conversation.

  • Nourish RDs

    Nourish RDs
    Authors: Lisa Dixon, McKenzie Hall

    We are RDs on a mission to inspire others to eat real food, love their bodies & laugh a lot! We share recipes, nutrition news & tips, and stories about our friendship & journey. Our best (non)diet advice-eat real food & share it with those you love!

  • Nourished Avenue

    Nourished Avenue
    Author: Whitney Wright

    You have arrived! Nourished Avenue is a place to find accurate, interesting, and helpful nutrition information from a registered dietitian. You will find everything from recipes, to meal planning, to helpful nutrition tips!

  • Nurse&Nourish

    Author: Marina Lane

    Nurse&Nourish; "Eat Well, Live Well - While Breastfeeding!" A place for nursing moms to find evidence-based information on nutrition while breastfeeding, meal plans, recipes and more.

  • Nurture and Nourish Nutrition

    Nurture and Nourish Nutrition
    Author: Heather Steele

    Nurture and Nourish Nutrition is dedicated to helping other moms and families find joy and health in their journeys through fertility, pregnancy, postpartum, and infant and child feeding.

  • Nutri Choice 4 U

    Nutri Choice 4 U
    Author: Neha Kava
    We are Certified Nutrition Consultant and our main motto is to educate people through our expertise knowledge. We make sure that we make the learning process of the readers very simple. Through our knowledge in the field we want to spread good health and well being.
  • NutriciseDr

    Author: Karen Dolins
    My take on current Nutrition trends, including weight management, sports nutrition, food sensitivities, and general health and wellness. I use an evidence based approach to provide people with clear and practical nutrition knowledge.
  • nutriFoodie

    Author: Cristel Moubarak

    My blog is full of nutrition, intuitive eating, & health at every size talk, as well as food tips, tricks and tidbits. You’ll also find a lot of recipes, motivational posts, and a glimpse into my programming and services.

  • NutriSavvyHealth

    Author: Lauren O'Connor

    This blog provides simple, healthy recipes along with healthy lifestyle tips and inspiration for whole body health.

  • Nutrition & Exercise Smoothie

    Nutrition & Exercise Smoothie
    Author: Christine Ardigo-Herkommer
    Welcome to your site for Nutrition and Exercise tips for real people. The ones that work full time. Have children and a home to juggle. The ones that have a busy social life, attend college or run a business. People that want to learn how to help themselves but need a little (or a lot) of motivation. Not only will I provide you with great ideas on how to eat healthy nutrient dense meals, but give you practical exercise tips to get you up and moving and motivation to keep you living an enjoyable life while having fun! I plan to upload new posts three times a month. So be sure to sign up and never miss the free advice. Inspiration is key!
  • Nutrition 101

    Nutrition 101
    Authors: Andrea Canada, Natalia Hancock
    The SPE Certified blog contains nutritional information and advice from registered dietitians, complemented by healthy and delicious recipes. We write about how different nutrients benefit the body in different ways, with the aim of helping our readers to maintain a healthy diet.
  • Nutrition and Fitness in the real world

    Nutrition and Fitness in the real world
    Author: Amy Culberson
    I am a private practice dietitian. I specialize in sports nutrition, weight management, eating disorders, allergies/GI disorders, etc. My blog is about eating healthy and fitness in the real world. I am also a personal trainer and fitness instructor.
  • Nutrition and Wellness Bytes

    Nutrition and Wellness Bytes
    Author: Michelle Loy

    A Registered Dietitian guides you and your family to an optimal level of nutrition, health, and well-being by delivering practical, effective, and cutting edge strategies. We will explore nutrition trends, share recipes, and answer burning questions.

  • Nutrition Beat Blog

    Nutrition Beat Blog
    Author: Susannah Baldock

    Susannah Baldock, of The Roving Dietitian, LLC is on a nutrition mission to empower people with reliable and relevant evidence-based nutrition information that can be used to maintain and/or improve their daily nutritional quality of life.

  • Nutrition Budgeteer

    Nutrition Budgeteer
    Author: Barbara Boyce
    Dr. Barb helps families eat healthier for less. She provides low-cost, healthy recipes, strategies, and tips.
  • Nutrition Designs

    Nutrition Designs
    Author: Tiffany Schulte

    The Nutrition Designs blog written by Tiffany the Dietitian provides simple, practical and affordable ways to eat and live healthy everyday.

  • Nutrition For Mom & Baby

    Nutrition For Mom & Baby
    Author: Marissa McCormick

    I offer nutrition and wellness advice for mom and baby. I deliver simple, practical nutrition advice for pregnancy and breastfeeding, as well as babies and toddlers (e.g. introducing solids, healthy toddler meal ideas).

  • Nutrition for the Future

    Nutrition for the Future
    Author: Dayle Hayes

    Nutrition for the Future explores hot topics related to child nutrition and food in schools. Author Dayle Hayes, Chair of School Nutrition Services DPG, focuses positive, creative solutions to childhood weight and health concerns.

  • Nutrition for the Health of It

    Nutrition for the Health of It
    Author: Kathy Birkett

    Insights and Actions for Healthy Living Providing expert tips & info for good health, nutrition and physical well-being for all ages. Recipes, Ask Kathy, Blogs about current food trends/knowledge and other topics are featured to help people sustain lifelong wellness.

  • Nutrition Hungry

    Nutrition Hungry
    Author: Stephanie Van't Zelfden

    On a mission to inspire & empower families to improve their health by cooking more. Founder and Registered Dietitian Stephanie Van't Zelfden shares fad-free nutrition advice, simple recipes, and will help you become a relaxed and confident home cook.

  • Nutrition Instincts

    Nutrition Instincts
    Author: Lindsay Stenovec

    Nutrition Instincts focuses on the "how" to eating and feeding. Find sound nutrition advice that promotes positive body image, fosters healthy relationships with food and supports mothers in their quest for nourishing their children. 

  • Nutrition Nuptials

    Nutrition Nuptials
    Author: Mandy Enright

    Nutrition Nuptials is a blog dedicated to helping couples with nutrition, fitness, and wellness with a goal of changing behavior. Education on couples nutrition and couples fitness, plus recipes and general health/nutrition, written to promote healthy couples and individuals

  • Nutrition on the Double

    Nutrition on the Double
    Authors: Angela Lamberson, John Lamberson

    We are Angie & John Lamberson, a "pair" of Dietitians, Certified Diabetes Educators & Integrative Health Coaches living & thriving with type 1 diabetes. We know how it is to manage a chronic disease. We’ve turned it into a positive thing & encourage others to do the same!

  • Nutrition Starring YOU

    Nutrition Starring YOU
    Author: Lauren Harris-Pincus

    Nutrition Starring YOU offers delicious calorie controlled recipes as well as weight control, lifestyle and fitness tips from someone who battled obesity and won! I strive to provide whole families the tools to achieve good health without dieting. Think healthy, not skinny!

  • Nutrition with Nat

    Nutrition with Nat
    Author: Natalie Long
    Nutrition with Nat provides free nutrition information and education to the public and is a fun, reliable resource for families.
  • nutritionALL

    Author: Brittney Stretsbery

    nutritionALL is your resource for all things food and nutrition! Find food and nutrition information in an easy-to-use and fun format! Learn more about: family nutrition, the latest food trends, recipes, living green, product reviews, and many other tips and tricks to help you lead a more nutritious life!

  • NutritionArtist :: Your source for creative communication

    NutritionArtist :: Your source for creative communication
    Author: Michelle Jaelin

    NutritionArtist is a creative media brand focused on delivering the most relevant food and nutrition content to the public seeking credible information in an innovative and engaging way. Owned by registered dietitian and artist Michelle Jaelin brings the best to her readers!

  • NutritionWise

    Author: Nicole Meadow

    Nutrition is a journey, not a destination.  Be NutritionWise every day.  The NutritionWise Blog provides tips, tricks, recipes, information, research and much more to help you and your family lead the most healthful life possible.

  • nutritioulicious

    Author: Jessica Levinson

    Nutritioulicious is a food and nutrition blog that includes recipes, nutrition news and tips, seasonal eating, food trends, and basic enjoyment of nutritious and delicious food!

  • Nutritious Eats

    Nutritious Eats
    Author: Melanie Flinn

    I am a Registered Dietitian and busy mom who is passionate about managing a healthy lifestyle and eating food with flavor. I am here to share delicious, healthy recipes and nutrition and fitness tips with my readers.

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  • Okanagan RD- Talking Food

    Okanagan RD- Talking Food
    Author: Kelly Lehmann

    A registered dietitian in Kelowna, British Columbia. I blog about food, kids, recipes, running and yoga. I hope to blog about cycling when I finally take the plunge and buy a road bike. I am a huge fan of local and organic foods, bountiful in the beautiful Okanagan valley!

  • One Source 4 wellness

    One Source 4 wellness
    Author: Cassie Vanderwall

    Seeking timely fitness facts from a credible source? Look no further than OneSource4Wellness. This blog explores nutrition trends, research, fitness fads with tips on how to apply today's knowledge to yesterday's habits.

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  • Peacemeals!blog/c1544

    Author: Emily Anschlowar

    Peacemeals is a source of down to earth nutrition information, brand/product reviews, and recipes for the family.

  • Phronesis: Practical Wisdom

    Phronesis: Practical Wisdom
    Author: Joan Guthrie Medlen

    Phronesis: Practical Wisdom focuses on the techniques and tools to promote healthy living for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Topics include nutrition, recipes, techniques for support for quality lives.

  • Pommetta Nutrition - Raising Adventurous Eaters

    Pommetta Nutrition - Raising Adventurous Eaters
    Author: Jennifer Baum

    Infant, child, and family nutrition. Evidenced-based strategies to help families raise children who develop into competent and adventurous eaters with positive relationships to both food and their bodies. Embraces an intuitive eating approach.

  • Pro Rugby Wife - real life health & sports nutrition

    Pro Rugby Wife - real life health & sports nutrition
    Author: Sarah Danaher

    Dietitian mum of three, wife to professional rugby player. Blogger of all things nutrition - family, health, exercise, weight loss, psychology (and maintaining a 4500kcal diet for my husband!!!!)

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  • Rachael Costello Nutrition

    Rachael Costello Nutrition
    Author: Rachael Costello

    Rachael Costello Nutrition is a blog featuring posts on family feeding concerns, healthy eating and food allergies. These are all part of everyday life for Rachael, a registered dietitian and a mother of four children, three with food allergies.

  • Raise Healthy Eaters

    Raise Healthy Eaters
    Author: Maryann Jacobsen

    Raise Healthy Eaters provides credible nutrition advice for busy parents. Resources and articles include the latest on kids nutrition, how to feed picky eaters and quick and healthy recipes.

  • RDN Mama

    RDN Mama
    Author: Kelly Houston

    A resource for maternal, infant, and family nutrition. From before pregnancy, through raising a healthy family, RDN Mama provides research-based nutritional information to help inform mamas (and daddies) so they can make the the best nutrition choices for their families.

  • Real! Healthy Cooking

    Real! Healthy Cooking
    Author: Joe Engelbird

    Real! Healthy Cooking is devoted to seeing what healthy is from a common sense point of view. Here we discuss real food that is eaten by real people in the real world.

  • Rebecca Bitzer and Associates

    Rebecca Bitzer and Associates
    Author: Rebecca Bitzer

    Nutrition Information, Recipes, Inspirational Stories, Product Reviews and More Written By Registered Dietitians.

  • Renee's Healthy Weighs

    Author: Renee Pieroth

    Finding the balance between nourishing your body with foods and living an active lifestyle is vital to achieving a positive state of mind. This is essential to fight diseases and maintain a healthy weight. Try plant-based recipes and advice for consuming nutritious foods.

  • Rethink Nutrition

    Rethink Nutrition
    Author: Jacqueline Tyler

    Part nutrition and health updates, part recipes and part personal food adventures. An Australian Dietitian, Nutritionist and Exercise Physiologist blogging about all things health.

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  • Salubrious RD

    Salubrious RD
    Author: Sarah Pflugradt

    I started the blog because my family and I decided to go vegetarian for the summer and I wanted to blog about it. I want to educate, inspire, and help all of my friends. My blog is about me and how I eat.

  • Sara Haas RDN

    Sara Haas RDN
    Author: Sara Haas

    Passionate. That’s what I am about food and nutrition. Let me guide you through the world of cooking and the benefits of thoughtful, healthful eating.

  • Sarah Remmer's Nutrition Blog

    Sarah Remmer
    Author: Sarah Remmer

    My blog is geared towards expectant and new Moms and their babies and families. I focus on practical and realistic nutrition for conception, problems conceiving, pre and post natal nutrition, nutrition for busy Moms, starting solids and picky eating.

  • School Meals That Rock

    School Meals That Rock
    Author: Dayle Hayes

    Wonder what's really happening in School Nutrition? School Meals That Rock is an in-depth look at issues, trends and successes in school meals from coast-to-coast. See amazing, eye-appealing breakfast and lunches prepared by true school food heroes!!

  • ShopWell

    Authors: Lara Felton, Sarah Fitzgerald

    A blog geared towards helping our readers eat well and feel awesome. RDelish has a focus on family and infant nutrition, quick healthy meal recipes, and sports nutrition and fitness tips.

  • Simple Truths About What We Eat

    Simple Truths About What We Eat
    Author: Robyn Moore

    The blog is to let everyone in on a few simple truths about the food we eat. Simple and practical nutritional advice that everyone can understand. Here to help people make healthier food choices. 

  • Simply Nourished

    Simply Nourished
    Authors: Jessica Beacom, Stacie Hassing

    Simply Nourished is the passion-project of real food dietitians Jessica Beacom and Stacie Hassing. They share delicious whole food recipes (many with 10 ingredients or less and free of gluten and/or grains), meal prepping and planning tips and nutrition information each week.

  • Skinny Minnie's Recipes

    Skinny Minnie
    Author: Rebecca Kraynek

    I am a Registered Dietitian and Certified Wellness Coach who LOVES to cook! Hopefully my recipes will add some healthy variety to your meals.

  • Smart Eating for Kids

    Smart Eating for Kids
    Author: Laura Chalela Hoover

    Smart Eating for Kids is a collaborative blog of health professionals who shares yummy nutrition ideas, kid-friendly recipes and smart strategies to manage picky palates, all delivered with a healthy dose of practicality and humor.

  • Smart Nutrition

    Smart Nutrition
    Author: Jessica Penner
    A Winnipeg-based Registered Dietitian provides evidence-based nutrition information through misinformation busting, inspiration messages, and mouth-watering recipes.
  • Something To Chew On

    Something To Chew On
    Author: Amanda Figge

    I’m Amanda Figge, MS, RD, LDN. I’m a registered dietitian with Springfield Clinic, and I’m here to share my personal health journey with you, and share my knowledge in the realm of nutrition and fitness to make your own journey a bit easier.

  • Street Smart Nutrition

    Street Smart Nutrition
    Author: Cara Harbstreet

    Join Cara Harbstreet, MS RD LD, on a wellness journey. Taking a whole-foods, balanced, personalized approach to nutrition lets us all become a little more street-smart in our quest for our best health. Follow along for blog updates, recipes, and nutrition services in the Midwest.

  • Stressipes

    Author: Elisa Zied

    Empowering, enlightening, & inspiring lives one smart step, one delicious bite at a time.

  • Sue's Nutrition Buzz

    Author: Sunithi Selvaraj

    Blog by an RD who believes and teaches 'Healthy' Not 'Skinny' Practical tips on finding the balance to 'Eating' Healthy. Featuring healthy recipes with nutrition labels. Bringing Nutrition Buzz to you.

  • Supermarket Savvy

    Supermarket Savvy
    Author: Linda McDonald

    Healthy Shopping Made East! SUPERMARKET SAVVY’s mission is to provide objective, balanced, and science based information on new foods and beverages, health issues, food labels, and trends to assist you in shopping for health.

  • Sweet Cayenne

    Sweet Cayenne
    Author: Whitney Reist

    Sweet Cayenne is all about food - Foods I love to eat and love to prepare. These foods may be healthy, nourishing, delicious or a combination thereof. Learn how to prepare them in your own kitchen. I think you will enjoy cooking with me.

  • SweetFoodie

    Author: Caroline Kaufman is focused on helping busy people achieve their nutrition goals without adding stress. Good nutrition should be guilt-free: cook from scratch when you can, shop smart, eat well, and enjoy indulgences.

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  • Taste and Sprout

    Taste and Sprout
    Author: Elizabeth Cowie

    Taste and Sprout features delicious, healthy, family-friendly recipes that are quick and easy to prepare. Here you will find nutritious can equal delicious.

  • Taste Life, with Chere Bork

    Taste Life, with Chere Bork
    Author: Chere Bork

    Chere believes life is easy and we make it hard. She empowers people as a National Speaker, Media Spokesperson and Wellcoach® faculty member with the 5 key ingredients for savory living – purpose, energy, balance, happiness and health.

  • Tasty Table Topics: Forks at the Ready

    Tasty Table Topics: Forks at the Ready
    Author: Jessi Boehme
    Tasty Table Topics is run by a fresh out of the oven registered dietitian, Jessi Boehme. She has a spirited passion towards nutrition and improving her viewers relationships with food and the kitchen table shine through in her blog. Join her as she helps you make eating simple.
  • teachkids2eat

    Author: Barbara Davidson

    We are moms and Registered Dietitians with school aged kids. Our goal is to provide the education and tools for you, as parents, to teach your kids how to make healthy food choices both in school and at home.
    It all starts with you!!

  • Teaspoon of Spice

    Teaspoon of Spice
    Authors: Serena Ball, Deanna Segrave-Daly

    We are registered dietitians who specialize in nutrition messaging with a culinary focus. When we're not creating delicious recipes in the kitchen, we're traveling around our neighborhoods and farmers markets (or even further) to find tasty treats.

  • The Baby Steps Dietitian

    The Baby Steps Dietitian
    Author: Diana Rice

    Nutrition for the messy intersection of pregnancy, postpartum health and feeding tiny humans. By family nutrition expert and mom Diana K. Rice, RD. Featuring easy recipes, child feeding advice and positive postpartum body image info.

  • The Best Pickle

    The Best Pickle
    Author: Tracy Severson

    My blog is about meal planning in the pursuit of nutritious home-cooked dinners that are quick, affordable, and delicious. I'm an RD and hope that sharing my weekly meal plans and healthy recipes will inspire you to cook more meals at home.

  • The Blonde Pantry

    The Blonde Pantry
    Author: Marla Murphy

    Nutrition, fitness and lifestyle blog written by a registered and licensed dietitian.

  • The Cooking RD - Adventures in the Kitchen

    The Cooking RD - Adventures in the Kitchen
    Author: Stefania Manetti

    In this blog I share my favorite recipes, food adventures and thoughts on nutrition and wellness. I am a Registered Dietitian and Certified Diabetes Educator, but also an amateur chef and urban gardener in training who loves clean, healthy eating.

  • The Crowded Table

    The Crowded Table
    Author: Kalee Lundmark

    The Crowded Table focuses on creating healthy recipes the whole family can enjoy. Made with fresh ingredients, the recipes are simple, balanced and delicious. Come join us!

  • The Delicious Dietitian

    The Delicious Dietitian
    Author: Haley Lacey

    The Delicious Dietitian blog was founded to educate people and help them eat healthy, enjoyable meals created by food experts. This blog provides information and recipes to help people eat right and learn how food effects every aspect of life.

  • The Diet P.I.

    The Diet P.I.
    Author: Heather Jones
    The Diet P.I. investigates grocery stores, food labels, health professionals and more, uncovering the expert secrets you need to lose weight and get healthy! In Food Crimes you’ll find sneaky label tricks and food disasters and the Healthy Clues are full of delectable food finds.
  • The Dietetic Degustation

    The Dietetic Degustation
    Author: Megan Cameron-Lee

    Written by an Australian qualified Dietitian, The Dietetic Degustation provides you with the latest scientific evidence in nutrition, with real food ideas and recipes in easy-to-understand, bite-sized chunks. This degustation of information is sure to tempt all your senses!

  • The Dietitian Diaries

    The Dietitian Diaries
    Author: Nikki Bennett
    Follow a dietitian as she tries new recipes and inspires others to try new things to bring more people into the kitchen and away from fast food.
  • The Dietitian's Digest

    The Dietitian
    Author: Sheryl Lozicki

    Nutrition in the news, simple grocery and recipe swaps and corporate wellness.

  • The Distracted Dietitian

    The Distracted Dietitian
    Author: Madeline Howard

    The Distracted Dietitian focuses on the role that nutrition can play in mental health, specifically, ADHD. This blog investigates integrative health and the different ways nutrition can impact mental health.

  • The Domestic Dietitian

    The Domestic Dietitian
    Author: Brynn McDowell

    Sharing tips, recipes and nutritional information on how to create a healthy and happy lifestyle at home. Let's face it, life is busy and the secret to maintaining a healthy home for yourself and your family is making it fit into your lifestyle.

  • The Everyday RD

    The Everyday RD
    Author: Robyn Flipse
    My working title is The Everyday RD and my focus will be “eating in the real world” where people have different taste preferences, food budgets, cooking skills, dietary beliefs and health concerns and are seeking very practical advice, insight and motivation on how to eat well.
  • The Food Coach Blog

    The Food Coach Blog
    Author: Sasha Watkins
    I am a dietitian with professional experience advising parents on how to wean and now I am doing it as a parent. And it's definitely different being on the other side! This blog will provide simple, bite size pieces of information that you can look at as you go along.
  • The Foodful Life

    The Foodful Life
    Author: Sylvia Meo

    My name is Sylvia. I am above all a mom to a beautiful little girl, Trinity, a registered dietitian, and a lover of ALL things food. To me food is all about pleasure and experiences, but I also love to learn and discover the impact of my food choices on my health and how to a

  • The Foodie Farmer

    The Foodie Farmer
    Author: Jennifer Schmidt

    Blogging about how food gets from farm to table by an RD who farms your food full time. All things agriculture.

  • the Gluten free Italian

    the Gluten free Italian
    Authors: Stephanie Clairmont, Kara Racco

    A blog written by registered dietitian Stephanie Clairmont focusing on gluten-free, low FODMAP, Italian recipes & advice for those with Irritable Bowel Sydrome (IBS) and food intolerance. Our goal is to show you how eating without can be absolutely delicious!

  • The Gluten-Free RD

    The Gluten-Free RD
    Author: Rachel Begun

    A registered dietitian's perspective on finding the balance between eating gluten-free healthfully and happily. Includes:  information about celiac disease and other gluten-associated conditions; recipes; product reviews; restaurant recommendations.

  • The Happiness in Health

    The Happiness in Health
    Author: Jessie Erwin

    The Happiness in Health offers recipes, healthy living tips, and nutrition information integrated into the life of a registered dietitian. Author Jessie is devoted to educating the public about nutrition and healthy lifestyles.

  • The Health Nut

    The Health Nut
    Author: Judy Caplan

    Healthy eating for adults and kids, skinny recipes, nutrition wisdom and insight, cutting edge research on weight loss/weight maintenance. Written by a registered dietitian and AND spokesperson with over 30 years experience in health and wellness.

  • The Hungry Dietitian

    The Hungry Dietitian
    Author: Angela Gervais

    Focuses on nutritious foods that taste great, recipes, nutrition info, basics of physical activity, healthy lifestyle tips, mindful eating, and daily balance with an emphasis on weight management, diabetes management and living your best life. Attempts to motivate and inspire.

  • The Internet Dietitian

    The Internet Dietitian
    Author: Sian Riley

    The Internet Dietitian blog reflects my strap line "Food to live, food for life" . Specialised in the dietary management of Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), the low FODMAP diet, allergies, intolerances, heart health, weight management and practical family nutrition.

  • The Nourished Child

    The Nourished Child
    Author: Jill Castle

    The Nourished Child is a blog about child nutrition, feeding kids, and raising healthy ones, inside and out. Food, feeding and child development is the lens Jill Castle, childhood nutrition expert, uses as she guides parents through the job of raising healthy kids.

  • The Nutrition Adventure

    The Nutrition Adventure
    Author: Karman Meyer

    Karman is a Registered Dietitian/Nutritionist based in Nashville, Tenn. Teaching people easy ways to implement healthy changes into their lifestyle is her passion! Karman blogs at The Nutrition Adventure and is an experienced recipe developer, nutrition writer and public speaker.

  • The Nutrition Experts

    The Nutrition Experts
    Author: Jo-Ann Heslin

    Better eating made easy. We translate evolving nutrition science into practical, easy to understand, reliable advice you can use right now. Everyone loves to talk about food –it’s fun. But, we need to talk about nutrition too – it’s important to your health.

  • The Nutrition Twins Blog

    The Nutrition Twins Blog
    Authors: Lyssie Lakatos, Tammy Lakatos-Shames

    Registered Dietitians, Personal Trainers, Authors, Food Industry Consultants, Spokespeople, Twins & Mom of Twins-- We want to help you get healthy!

  • The Nutshell Diaries

    The Nutshell Diaries
    Author: Michelle Broom

    The Nutshell Diaries contains small portions of the ‘good oil’ on nutrition topics of interest. Each entry is written by a dietitian, either myself or a guest, and contains information based on scientific evidence and National Guidelines.

  • The Pantry Doctor

    The Pantry Doctor
    Author: Wendie Schneider

    The Pantry Doctor, LLC is committed to helping individuals meet their goals by offering a practical approach to nutrition, and empowering people to make lifestyle choices that will improve their health and well-being. Learn more about eating real foods to improve overall health

  • The Park Avenue Nutrition Blog

    The Park Avenue Nutrition Blog
    Author: Lisa Cohn

    The Park Avenue Nutrition Blog is about teaching nutrition principles in real world situations. There are many modern challenges to healthy eating that must be addressed in ways that textbook advice cannot accomplish. The PAN Blog goes beyond facts.

  • The Rite Bite

    The Rite Bite
    Author: Ashwin Lakhi
    The Rite Bite Blog is combined of Registered./Licensed Dietitians and Exercise Physiologists to give you a wide variety of topics to help you improve your overall health and wellness.
  • The Salty Scoop

    The Salty Scoop
    Author: Emily Miller

    This blog is associated with the American Heart Association's consumer campaign that aims to reduce sodium in the food supply and in Americans' diets. It educates people about sodium and health and provides tips for reducing dietary sodium and eating a more heart-healthy diet.

  • The Scarlet Pepper

    The Scarlet Pepper
    Author: Christin Hebron

    I am Christin. I am a Registered Dietitian, Foodie, and Mom. On The Scarlet Pepper, you will find delicious, healthy, and easy and simple recipes, information on food and nutrition, topics related to motherhood and family nutrition, and so much more!

  • The Scoop on Food

    The Scoop on Food
    Author: Elisa Zied

    This covers the latest news, trends, and topics related to food, nutrition, diet and fitness, to help parents feed their children better.

  • The Smart Girl's Guide to Going Vegetarian

    The Smart Girl
    Author: Rachel Meltzer Warren

    A blog geared toward "veg-curious" teens, but filled with useful recipes, tips, and information for anyone looking to give up meat or shift to a more plant-based diet. The companion blog to the book "The Smart Girl's Guide to Going Vegetarian."

  • The Spicy RD

    The Spicy RD
    Author: EA Stewart

    The Spicy RD blog dishes up a handful of nutrition advice, a dollop of delicious recipes, a pinch of gluten-free living tips, a dash of spice, and lots of fun!

  • The Wellness Writer

    The Wellness Writer
    Author: Karen Giles-Smith

    The Wellness Writer blog offers information and advice in all areas of wellness including nutrition, mindful eating, physical activity, getting adequate sleep, stress management (meditation, breathing, etc.) and life balance.

  • TheProperPlate

    Author: Cameron Currie

    I started this blog to blend my love of cooking with my love of helping people to eat better and feel better. I will be sharing nutrition education, healthy eating advice and tips, menus, recipes, and links that I recommend for reliable information. I love to talk food!

  • This RD Eats

    This RD Eats
    Author: April Graff
    As a supermarket dietitian, I talk about making healthy eating a part of your life. I am passionate about menu planning as a key to success. Come follow me and discover that dietitians do eat! My blog is chock full of recipes and tools to make eating healthy easy and fun.
  • Tiffany McFadden Nutrition Consulting Blog

    Tiffany McFadden Nutrition Consulting Blog
    Author: Tiffany McFadden

    A fun approach to trying new recipes, making them healthier and easier for the entire family. I love to share my family's adventures in cooking, eating and life. I guarantee a little laugh too!

  • Tomorrow's Lunch

    Author: Maggie Shapiro

    Tomorrow’s Lunch was created by a Registered Dietitian and mom of two to help parents and caregivers come up with healthy, colorful and creative lunches for kids. This blog serves as a site to receive and share ideas, inspiration, information, favorite recipes and products.

  • Tribeca Nutrition

    Tribeca Nutrition
    Author: Natalia Stasenko

    Expert tips and advice on feeding children, pre- and postnatal nutrition and weight loss. Super-simple and uber-nutritious recipes and mealtime tips.

  • Two Sisters One Kitchen

    Two Sisters One Kitchen
    Author: Jamie Stolarz

    We know its rare, but we are sisters who love to spend time together in the kitchen and beyond. We love dreaming up quick, healthy meals and sharing a good meal together. Visit our blog for recipes, food photos, nutrition tips, and brief stories.

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  • UK Kids Nutrition

    UK Kids Nutrition
    Author: Bahee Van de Bor

    Follow me for winning advice on kids nutrition written by a paediatric dietitian exceeding ten years experience. Topics include: general healthy eating, fussy eating, faltering growth, reflux, weaning, food allergy & free from diet. Fresh content published weekly with recipes.

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  • Vicki's Blog

    Author: Victoria Goodman
    I am a registered dietitian, licensed nutritionist who is passionate about sharing my creative quick and healthy recipes. I hope that you enjoy them and that they inspire you to create your own. - author of Vicki's Blog.

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  • Weekly Bite

    Weekly Bite
    Author: Estela Schnelle

    Weekly Bite is a healthy living blog with emphasis on the non-diet approach.  Weekly Bite features healthy recipes, sound nutrition advice, and a splash of real life insights.

  • Weiler Nutrition News

    Weiler Nutrition News
    Author: Lucia Weiler

    Nutrition news, trends and insight. Strategic recommendations for healthy eating that produces results.

  • Well Balanced. Food. Life. Travel.

    Well Balanced. Food. Life. Travel.
    Author: Kate Scarlata

    Living a well balanced life with exercise, family, healthy foods and fun travel.  A section of FODMAPs too as digestive health is one of my favorite specialties!

  • Wholesome Simplicity

    Wholesome Simplicity
    Author: Elissa Lueckemeyer

    I am a registered dietitian with a private practice who enjoys writing and sharing scientific-based nutritional knowledge. My recipes and health articles are targeted towards my clients and busy families, emphasizing the importance of whole, unprocessed foods on overall health.

  • Wholly Plants

    Wholly Plants
    Authors: Natalie Martin, Lexie Staten

    Wholly Plants is co-authored by Registered Dietitians and sisters who are passionate about sharing the how & why of eating a whole food, plant-based diet. Their love of all things food motivates them to create delicious, beautiful and health-promoting dishes.

  • With Health & Gratitude

    With Health & Gratitude
    Author: Jessica Grosman

    With Health & Gratitude is a blog written by me, Jessica Grosman. I'm a Registered Dietitian, recipe developer, and culinary nutrition educator. On the blog, I share my plant-based and gluten-free recipes; they are all healthful, nutritious, and absolutely delicious!

  • Woke Up Hungry

    Woke Up Hungry
    Author: Christine Rocha
    Hi guys! I am Chris and my blog is titled "Woke Up Hungry". I am a dietitian from Australia who is discovering a lot about the food an nutrition in Texas. I am fascinated and blog about most of my foodie findings here. Enjoy!
  • Words to Eat By

    Words to Eat By
    Author: Cara Rosenbloom

    Up-to-date nutrition info, food trends and mouth-watering recipes are at Words to Eat By! Cara Rosenbloom RD blogs about the food world surrounding her -- from personal experiences feeding her two young kids to scientific info at nutrition conferences and everything in between.