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  • Amy Beth Shen, RD

    Amy Beth Shen, RD
    Author: Amy Shen

    I take a non-diet approach to nutrition and promote intuitive eating principles + finding peace with food. My goal is to provide accurate nutrition information without creating fear or guilt in readers!

    Author: Anita Mirchandani
    My blog is a compilation of all my work related to my knowledge and expertise in the health and fitness space. I am passionate about educating in this space and my content stems from evaluating research, expanding upon trends, and just informative content.
  • appleadaynutritionco

    Authors: Amandeep (Deepi) Mann (formerly Harmer),

    Deepi Mann is a RDN, certified Pilates instructor, & mom living in Silicon Valley, CA. A multi-faceted health & wellness powerhouse, she is devoted to helping others discover the direct correlation between balance, harmony & a healthy mind & body.

  • Avocado Grove Nutrition & Wellness

    Avocado Grove Nutrition & Wellness
    Author: Melissa Groves

    Integrative medicine dietitian nutritionist specializing in women's health (fertility & PCOS), weight loss, and food allergy/sensitivity.

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  • Baby Fat Diet

    Baby Fat Diet
    Authors: Shara Aaron, Monica Bearden

    Nutrition and wellness information to help moms lose weight, stay healthy and grow healthy families.

  • Balanced Eating

    Balanced Eating
    Author: Theresa Stahl

    Theresa is a registered dietitian and licensed dietitian and nutritionist in Maryland.  Her Balanced Eating blog helps you enjoy a balanced and full life.

  • Basic Girl Fitness

    Basic Girl Fitness
    Author: Chelsea Ebrus

    Join me, a fitness-minded Registered Dietitian as I share fitness tips, nutrition information, workouts, and recipes. From supplements to egg whites, my experiences have given me knowledge to share. Let's trade healthy life hacks as we become the best version of ourselves!

  • bloom + zest

    bloom + zest
    Author: Amy Wineinger

    bloom + zest invites creativity, mindfulness, nutrition, and curiosity into the kitchen space and around the table. the hope is to inspire others to create a more positive relationship with food, body, and mind.

  • Brooke Fredrickson, RDN

    Brooke Fredrickson, RDN
    Author: Brooke Fredrickson

    A faith-based, nutrition blog that discusses topics about nutrition, body image, and creating a positive relationship with food under the philosophy of "eat with grace".

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  • Chicago Nutrition Solutions

    Chicago Nutrition Solutions
    Author: Margaret Wertheim

    Margaret Wertheim, MS, RD explores age-old wisdom, the latest nutrition research and provides new and innovative ways to support a healthy and vibrant life through nourishing foods, supplements, and lifestyle recommendations.

  • City Girl Bites

    City Girl Bites
    Author: Martha McKittrick

    City girl bites blog provides practical and accurate nutrition information for those people with a fast paced lifestyle. Martha gives tips on eating out, ordering in, carbohydrate cravings, increasing energy levels and more.

  • Cool Wet Grass by Naomi Cahill

    Cool Wet Grass by Naomi Cahill
    Author: Naomi Cahill

    A healthy lifestyle blog sharing evidence based nutrition and health information on topics pertinent to women juggling the numerous roles of mother, wife, daughter and friend. Including reflections on living an unconventional life on a beach in Nicaragua!

  • Craving Something Healthy

    Craving Something Healthy
    Author: Anne Danahy

    We're all getting older, why not do it better? This blog is written by an RD, who specializes in women's health menopause, and healthy aging. Features nutrition tips and information, and mostly-healthy recipes.

  • Culinary Nutrition Cuisine

    Culinary Nutrition Cuisine
    Author: Abbie Gellman

    I am a Chef and Registered Dietitian. My blog is primarily recipes/recipe development, videos about nutrition and recipes, a radio show for EmpowHER on RadioMD, and articles and blog pieces I have contributed to or have written.

  • CVwellbeing

    Author: Carolyn Milles

    I'm Carolyn, a third-generation Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN) who believes life is for living, not restricting. Happily serving individuals in their journeys to nourish, move, create balance and be well in Portland, ME.

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  • Daily Dose of Greens

    Daily Dose of Greens
    Author: Mary Ross Fowler

    Daily Dose of Greens is a blog by registered dietitian, Mary Ross Fowler, who lives in North Carolina. Its purpose is to become a helpful resource for nutrition information, healthful recipes, and natural living. All recipes are plant-based (vegan/vegetarian) and family-friendly!

  • Diet Rx PH

    Diet Rx PH
    Author: Divine Tria
    Diet Rx PH an online nutrition counseling managed by a Registered Nutritionist Dietitian from the Philippines. It's goal is to spread awareness of true evidence-based nutrition and advocates the beauty of nutrition in achieving an optimal health status.
  • Dietitian on the Run

    Dietitian on the Run
    Author: Heather Calcote

    Marathoner, yoga teacher, and adventurer. I work as the Head of Nutrition for based out of San Francisco. Drink of choice is often champagne, and lifestyle of choice often includes exploring.

  • Dietitian To Go

    Dietitian To Go
    Author: Brittany Carpenter

    Registered Dietitian/Nutritionist with an extreme passion for food, nutrition, and all things health. My mission is to provide real nutrition advice in a world of fake food.

  • Dish By Trish

    Dish By Trish
    Author: Patricia O'Keefe

    Leading plant-based nutritionist and dietitian, Trish, brings you DELICIOUS, healthy dishes and WELLNESS tips. Lover of Natural Health and Healing. Co-Founder of Sprout Wellness Center.

  • do what iu love

    do what iu love
    Author: Laura Iu

    DO WHAT IU LOVE is your guide for living a nourishing and balanced life; a place to get your daily dose of inspiration and motivation. Here you'll find plant-based recipes, expert nutrition advice, a glimpse into my lifestyle, and how to work with me privately.

  • Dr. Jo - staying healthy, sane, & productive

    Dr. Jo - staying healthy, sane, & productive
    Author: Jo Lichten

    Musings from Dr. Jo, author/speaker, who encourages small steps that make a big difference in your energy and health.

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  • Eat Good 4 Life

    Eat Good 4 Life
    Author: Miryam Quinn Doblas

    Healthy and nutritious food made easy. I feature healthy recipes with beautiful pictures and instructions to follow. This blog is all about cooking, eating, and experimenting with food. Enjoy

  • Eat to Love

    Eat to Love
    Author: Jenna Hollenstein
    Eat to Love shares articles, motivation, and news based in science, Intuitive Eating, and mindfulness. Topics include weight loss, weight management, chronic dieting, eating disorders, disordered eating, emotional eating, mindful eating, and selected scientific studies.
  • Eating Mindset

    Eating Mindset
    Author: Stephanie Fade

    Practical insights from an experienced Dietitian. Make sense of the science and explore practical tips and information to help you and your family maintain a healthy weight, tackle bloating and bowel problems, make healthy choices for all the stages of life and more.

  • EB Nutrition

    EB Nutrition
    Author: Ebony McCorkell

    Recipes and nutrition tips from a Melbourne-based ethical vegan, dietitian, and chef. Ebony is social justice oriented and believes in size diversity and promoting health at every size.


    Author: Laura Ledas

    elleNUTRITION empowers readers to eat well and feel better by using whole foods, simple recipes, and comprehensive eating guides. This dietitian-run website is primarily developed for women. Private practice dietitian services are available upon request.

  • Emily Kyle Nutrition

    Emily Kyle Nutrition
    Author: Emily Cope

    At Emily Kyle Nutrition, registered dietitian nutritionist Emily strives to empower and enable you to develop the healthy and happy lifestyle that you have always dreamed of! Here you will find recipes ad healthy living articles.

  • Empowered Eating

    Empowered Eating
    Author: Kaitlynn Greenberg

    Encouraging people in recovery from eating disorders. Provides real information on nutrition, health and recovery and encourages people to REBEL against diets.

  • Energy We Bring

    Energy We Bring
    Author: Francesca Cugini
    We hope to show the universe that professionals with diverse qualifications can collaborate instead of oppose each other. Francesca (Registered Dietitian) & Julia (Holistic Health Coach)
  • EnlightenU Nutrition Consulting

    EnlightenU Nutrition Consulting
    Author: Val Schonberg

    Val is a Registered Dietitian, Sports Nutritionist and Certified Menopause Practitioner who is passionate about enlightening individuals with common sense nutrition strategies for improving sports performance, managing weight and ending disordered eating.

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  • feel good eating

    feel good eating
    Author: Nina Mills

    feel good eating™ is a place where you can escape the noise of diet culture and find information and support to help you tune into your body, and your relationship to food. You won’t be prescribed diets, given meal plans, told to restrict your food or count calories.

  • Fiddle With Your Food

    Fiddle With Your Food
    Author: Sandra Meyerowitz

    Fiddle With Your Food is about practical and current nutrition information for adults everywhere so you can eat better to feel better. Eat the right food for your body.

  • Foodie Runner Family

    Foodie Runner Family
    Author: Kim McDevitt

    Dietitian and her husband share their musings around shared passions: running, food, family and laughter, through heartfelt honest posts.

  • Foodwatch

    Author: Catherine Saxelby

    Foodwatch reviews diets and taste-tests new products to cut through nutrition confusion and enable you to eat right. Reviewers are RDs. We rate them out of 50 for taste, nutrition, convenience & sustainability.

  • Fuel To Perform

    Fuel To Perform
    Author: Aubrey Golbek

    Grace Based dietitian specializing intuitive eating and sports nutrition sharing new thoughts on food, faith, and fitness with the aim of restoring freedom, joy, satisfaction and normalcy to your eating relationship.

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  • Grapefruit & Granola

    Grapefruit & Granola
    Author: Sam Collins
    Grapefruit & Granola is a healthy living blog that features nutrition tips and recipes from Sam Collins, a registered dietitian.

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  • Happy, Healthy Life

    Happy, Healthy Life
    Author: Rebecca Scritchfield

    I help people find their health and happiness “sweet spot,” where they feel great about their habits and enjoy a life well-lived. Rather than lay out all the “rules,” I focus on feeling good. Health is about pleasure. When you enjoy what you’re doing, you’re driven to keep it up.

  • Health and the City

    Health and the City
    Author: Caitlin Reid

    Health and the City stands for balance, fitness, food, happiness and wellness. Health and the City aims to inspire, energise and empower you to bring your focus back to all things wellbeing, so that you can love your life.

  • Healthfully Ever After

    Healthfully Ever After
    Author: Carlene Thomas

    Delicious and unique recipes for healthy hostessing, a dash of wedding wellness for healthfully ever after, and de-bunking fad diets by a dietitian in heels.

  • Healthy Grocery Girl

    Healthy Grocery Girl
    Author: Megan Roosevelt

    Your Guide To Shop, Cook & Eat Plant-Based. Healthy Grocery Girl provides recipes, how-to cooking videos and more to help you transition into and enjoyably maintain a plant-based lifestyle.

  • Healthy Inspiration

    Healthy Inspiration
    Author: Jennifer Hunt

    Filled with compassionate encouragement and real-life solutions, Healthy Inspiration seeks to help you take nutrition science and make it practical for everyday life. No guilt or shame. Only delicious, useful, stress-free ideas to help you live a healthy and vibrant life.

  • Holley Grainger Nutrition

    Holley Grainger Nutrition
    Author: Holley Grainger

    Registered dietitian and mom, Holley Grainger, understands the struggles parents face when striving to feed themselves and their families healthy, nutritious meals. She offers doable, real-world nutrition tips and cooking advice that will leave you feeling energized and inspired.

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  • I Rock Health

    I Rock Health
    Author: Allison Walker

    I Rock Health is a Christian wellness blog and website. We exist to help families thrive with a faith-based approach to health and wellness.

  • Interstitial Cystitis Diet: Confident Choices

    Interstitial Cystitis Diet: Confident Choices
    Author: Julie Beyer

    The Interstitial Cystitis Diet (IC Diet) is one of the first line treatments for this painful bladder disorder. Blog includes bladder friendly recipes, meal planning, stress management, and other coping strategies for IC patients.

  • Intuitive Eating Blog

    Intuitive Eating Blog
    Authors: Elyse Resch, Evelyn Tribole

    Our mission is to help people create a healthy relationship, with food, mind and body, through Intuitive Eating. We share news, views, and

  • Intuitive Nutrition

    Intuitive Nutrition
    Author: Heather Rudalavage

    My blog is about nutrition with an emphasis on tuning into one's "inner wisdom" to know what when and how much to eat. I talk about making sure you are taking care of yourself on many levels to prevent turning to food as a sole source of pleasure. I use a holistic, non-diet approach in my practice. I sometimes include recipes and book reviews.

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  • Jenna Gorham Nutrition

    Jenna Gorham Nutrition
    Author: Jenna Gorham

    Healthy eating should be easy. My blog focuses on a non-diet approach, allowing all foods to fit, and general nutrition information. I focus on women's health, particularly prenatal nutrition, weight management, and vegetarian/vegan diets.

  • Jennifer Brown Wellness

    Jennifer Brown Wellness
    Author: Jennifer Brown

    Jennifer Brown is a registered dietitian and yoga instructor who takes a holistic approach to healthy living. She blogs about evidence-based nutrition and yogic techniques for maintaining a healthy body and mind. She aims to empower women of all ages to live their best life.

  • Junk Food Rehab

    Junk Food Rehab
    Author: Kim Smith

    "Let food be Thy Medicine." Find practical tips on what to eat to create excellent health, with the science behind the recommendations. Written by a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist who has helped thousands of individuals, including herself, achieve better health with nutrition.

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  • Kale, Quinoa & Cookies

    Kale, Quinoa & Cookies
    Author: Andrea Paul

    The Kale, Quinoa & Cookies blog will focus a variety of recipes - from nutritious to indulgent. The other part of my blog will be writing on intuitive eating, health at every size (HAES), and disordered eating. My blog will be launched 12/1/2017

  • Katie Serbinski: For the Love of Family, Food, and Health

    Katie Serbinski: For the Love of Family, Food, and Health
    Author: Katie Serbinski

    For the Love of Food, Family, and Health gives me the opportunity to connect with families online and build a network as a trusted source of food and nutrition information. I blog about all things family and food related, including healthy recipes and musings about motherhood.

  • Kelly Hinds Nutrition

    Kelly Hinds Nutrition
    Author: Kelly Hinds

    A blog focused on making supportive nutrition choices to become an intuitive eater. You won't find any good or bad food talk here! We focus on incorporating all foods for a guilt-free experience & are passionate supporters of a health at every size approach to life.

    Author: Kim Galeaz

    Age vibrantly and optimally with science-based nutrition tips and recipes that blend great taste and good nutrition. Savor every bite and sip without angst, fear or guilt. Recipes and tips for families and grandparents cooking with kids.

  • Kinder Nutrition

    Kinder Nutrition
    Author: Tok-Hui Yeap

    This is a blog dedicated for women, maternal and child health. Focusing on good nutrition for family and raising healthy kids. I also provide private consultation services for the complex pediatric cases that require nutrition therapy.

  • KISS in the Kitchen

    KISS in the Kitchen
    Author: Shannon Garcia

    KISS in the Kitchen features simple recipes and helpful nutrition tips from a registered dietitian. Good nutrition and healthy eating doesn't have to be complicated and KISS in the Kitchen is dedicated to keeping nutrition simple.

  • KM Nutrition

    KM Nutrition
    Author: Karen Marschel

    Tips for preventing and managing diabetes and digestive health. Get information on research news, foods, recipes, exercise ideas, and more!

  • Knocked Up Noshing

    Knocked Up Noshing
    Author: Amber Franklin

    Knocked Up Noshing is a blog that deals with everything from infertility and preconception nutrition to pregnancy nutrition. Breastfeeding and postpartum nutrition are also covered. Includes weight management, gestational diabetes, and losing weight after pregnancy as well.

  • Kristin Willard, RDN

    Kristin Willard, RDN
    Author: Kristin Willard

    Food and nutrition are important components of well being, but they are only one piece of the puzzle. It is also about finding balance and purpose. Kristin focuses on helping you find balance on and off your plate.

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  • Little Sprout Nutrition

    Little Sprout Nutrition
    Author: Stephanie Rink

    Little Sprout Nutrition is a nutrition consulting service focused on moms (whether planning a family, currently pregnancy, or already with little ones at home!), babies, and children. Little Sprout offers personalized nutrition recommendations based on your lifestyle and needs.

  • Live Fertile

    Live Fertile
    Author: Kendra Tolbert

    Live Fertile is a women's reproductive health wellness blog. It's an invaluable resource full of accurate, practical, and accessible nutrition, wellness, and fitness information aimed to help women improve their fertility and health.

  • Living Upp

    Living Upp
    Author: Stacy Fisher

    Living Upp is a lifestyle design company that teaches individuals and organizations how to use an 8-dimensional self-care framework to experience better health, more balance, and a greater sense of adventure

  • Love Food B Fit

    Love Food B Fit
    Author: Elora Bazanele

    Love Food B Fit’s goal is to help you discover your love for food, fitness, and health. Love Food B Fit strives to provide you with evidence-based nutrition information so that you can face the world of food and fitness with facts instead of fear.

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  • Melanie's Nutrition and Wellbeing

    Author: Melanie McGrice

    Melanie's blogs provide nutrition advice, suggestions for increasing your physical activity, strategies for dealing with emotional eating, lessons from experts and her professional opinion on a range of dietary issues.

  • Mind on Nutrition

    Mind on Nutrition
    Author: Monica Salafia

    Mind on Nutrition is a healthy lifestyle blog that focuses on positive nutrition messages, healthy eating, delicious recipes, nutrition science and the local food scene. MON takes non-diet approach because she wants her audience to know that meant to nourish the body and mind.

  • Motive Nutrition

    Motive Nutrition
    Author: Vanessa Perrone

    The Motive Nutrition blog is all about back to basics, real food and good health.
    You will find nutrition news, healthy eating tips and Italian-inspired recipes all to motivate you to eat well, love food and find your motive for better nutrition.

  • My Coach Bev

    My Coach Bev
    Author: Bev Benda

    My Coach Bev's Blog: your starting place for anyplace in the world! Want to improve your health, get your family's health on track, lose weight, de-stress, de-clutter, or just simplify your life? Name your goal... and... on your mark, get set, start here!

  • My Healthy Ending

    My Healthy Ending
    Author: Mairead Callahan

    Healthy Endings is a Natural Health and Lifestyle blog focused on Plant Based Nutrition. Learn how to nourish your body and your soul with wholesome recipes, products, and services of Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and Personal Trainer, Mairead Callahan

  • My Journey Making Peace with Food!

    My Journey Making Peace with Food!
    Author: Ellen Glovsky

    My blog is a conversation about "health at every size", conscious eating, and managing your weight and health in a peaceful way.

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  • N.E.W. Motivation Coaching Blog

    N.E.W. Motivation Coaching Blog
    Author: Alexia Lewis

    Life is better with science, humor, and delicious food. Ready to take control of your health? Let's make nutrition and exercise easy so you can reach your health goals and still eat the cookies. A no-nonsense approach to a healthy lifestyle.

  • Nancy Clark

    Nancy Clark
    Author: Nancy Clark

    Wonder how to eat to enhance your sports performance? Can't figure out why you are not losing weight despite hours of exercise? Want to stay on top of the latest sports nutrition advice? Sports nutritionist Nancy Clark MS RD CSSD offers practical tips in her popular blog.

  • Newlywed Nutrition

    Newlywed Nutrition
    Author: Cindy Huggins

    As a nutrition expert and a newlywed, I now face a journey of compromise, especially when it comes to food! Newlywed nutrition provides fitness and nutrition tips as well as husband approved recipes. Please, read along as I continue My mission: Healthy Huggins!

  • Nurse&Nourish

    Author: Marina Lane

    Nurse&Nourish; "Eat Well, Live Well - While Breastfeeding!" A place for nursing moms to find evidence-based information on nutrition while breastfeeding, meal plans, recipes and more.

  • Nurture and Nourish Nutrition

    Nurture and Nourish Nutrition
    Author: Heather Steele

    Nurture and Nourish Nutrition is dedicated to helping other moms and families find joy and health in their journeys through fertility, pregnancy, postpartum, and infant and child feeding.

  • Nutri Choice 4 U

    Nutri Choice 4 U
    Author: Neha Kava
    We are Certified Nutrition Consultant and our main motto is to educate people through our expertise knowledge. We make sure that we make the learning process of the readers very simple. Through our knowledge in the field we want to spread good health and well being.
  • NutriSavvyHealth

    Author: Lauren O'Connor

    This blog provides simple, healthy recipes along with healthy lifestyle tips and inspiration for whole body health.

  • Nutrition By Carrie

    Nutrition By Carrie
    Author: Carrie Dennett

    Achieving optimal health, one bite at a time, using mindfulness and intuitive eating practices. Eating nutritiously and deliciously doesn't have to be hard. I offer advice on how to eat healthfully and well without falling prey in to diet trends that may not be right for you.

  • Nutrition by Nazima!blog/c1cqp

    Nutrition by Nazima
    Author: Nazima Qureshi

    A blog written by a Registered Dietitian & Personal Trainer that is also a mom, wife, and avid foodie. Check out this blog for credible nutrition information and easy healthy recipes for women, whether you are a student, stay at home mom, or working professional.

  • Nutrition For Mom & Baby

    Nutrition For Mom & Baby
    Author: Marissa McCormick

    I offer nutrition and wellness advice for mom and baby. I deliver simple, practical nutrition advice for pregnancy and breastfeeding, as well as babies and toddlers (e.g. introducing solids, healthy toddler meal ideas).

  • Nutrition for Women

    Nutrition for Women
    Author: Jill West

    Jill West, RDN helps women separate nutrition facts from fiction so they can really make a difference in their health. Her blog provides nutrition information to help women over 45 manage their weight, blood sugar and cholesterol.

  • Nutrition Instincts

    Nutrition Instincts
    Author: Lindsay Stenovec

    Nutrition Instincts focuses on the "how" to eating and feeding. Find sound nutrition advice that promotes positive body image, fosters healthy relationships with food and supports mothers in their quest for nourishing their children. 

  • Nutrition's My Life Blog

    Author: Nicole Eichinger

    Feel stuck in your health? Here at Nutrition's My Life you'll find recipes and dietitian tips to help you be your best version of yourself.

  • Nutritional Medicine

    Nutritional Medicine
    Author: Sarah Brewer

    My blog features the latest, evidence-based information on Nutritional Medicine, covering research into food, diets, vitamin, mineral and herbal supplements. I'm adding background pages and recipes, too. Although I am a medic, I am followed by many dietitians. Thanks.

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  • Olive Tree Nutrition

    Olive Tree Nutrition
    Author: Rahaf Al Bochi

    This blog is inspired by the Mediterranean diet (lifestyle) and my Mediterranean roots. I enjoy blogging about ethnic mediterranean recipes, the mediterranean diet, intuitive eating, diabetes, women's health and healthy living.

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  • PCOS Nutrition Center Blog

    PCOS Nutrition Center Blog
    Author: Angela Grassi

    We know that the internet is a main source of nutrition information for women with PCOS. Unfortunately, a lot of that information is inaccurate or misleading. That's why we've created this bog: It's a site you can turn to for accurate and reliable information from experts.

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  • Radio Nutrition

    Radio Nutrition
    Author: Donna Feldman

    Nutrition news, food reviews, research updates, diet tips, supplements, book reviews and expert interviews. Radio Nutrition features the podcast series "Walk Talk Nutrition", with RDs Donna Feldman and Kathy Isacks, discussing current topics and controversies in nutrition

  • Raise Healthy Eaters

    Raise Healthy Eaters
    Author: Maryann Jacobsen

    Raise Healthy Eaters provides credible nutrition advice for busy parents. Resources and articles include the latest on kids nutrition, how to feed picky eaters and quick and healthy recipes.

  • RDN Mama

    RDN Mama
    Author: Kelly Houston

    A resource for maternal, infant, and family nutrition. From before pregnancy, through raising a healthy family, RDN Mama provides research-based nutritional information to help inform mamas (and daddies) so they can make the the best nutrition choices for their families.

  • Real Living Nutrition

    Real Living Nutrition
    Author: Meri Raffetto

    Real Living Nutrition publishes recipes, cooking how-to's, weight loss and healthy living posts. Are motto is we offer a balanced approach to eating healthy in the real world.

  • Ryan Nutrition Solutions

    Ryan Nutrition Solutions
    Author: Renee Ryan

    Clear and simple nutrition tips for weight-maintenance and sports performance to help achieve important lifestyle changes for optimum health, wellness, and performance.

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  • Sarah Remmer's Nutrition Blog

    Sarah Remmer
    Author: Sarah Remmer

    My blog is geared towards expectant and new Moms and their babies and families. I focus on practical and realistic nutrition for conception, problems conceiving, pre and post natal nutrition, nutrition for busy Moms, starting solids and picky eating.

  • second act kitchen

    second act kitchen
    Author: Barbara Spalding
    Good food and healthy eating for people who want to savor every moment.
  • Shift Nutrition

    Shift Nutrition
    Author: Jessica Begg

    Jessica Begg, Registered Dietitian, Nutritionist for Shift Nutrition, specializes in Eating Disorders, Weight Loss and Workplace Wellness. She excels at helping others make significant, healthy changes using strategies that are reasonable in real life and sustainable over time.

  • Sinful Nutrition

    Sinful Nutrition
    Author: Emily Cooper

    Sinful Nutrition is a blog created in 2010 as a way to share my passion for nutrition and healthy living through healthy alternative recipes for otherwise 'sinful' dishes. It has now grown to include a fitness aspect, guest posts, reviews, and other random ramblings.

  • Smart Bytes

    Smart Bytes
    Author: Karen Collins

    I will help you set priorities for realistic steps to healthy eating. Let's put nutrition news into the big picture, and explore how steps to reduce cancer risk intersect with weight control, prevention of heart disease & diabetes, and total health.

  • Snacking in Sneakers

    Snacking in Sneakers
    Author: Chrissy Carroll

    Snacking in Sneakers is fitness & food blog dedicated to providing wellness information that is both helpful and entertaining. The blog shares healthy recipes, fitness advice and workouts, running and triathlon tips, and sports nutrition information.

  • Something Nutrishus Blog

    Something Nutrishus Blog
    Author: Steph Wheler

    I am a Registered Dietitan, retired professional volleyball player, and owner of Something Nutrishus Counselling & Coaching.  This blog offers nutrition advice, articles of interest, healthy recipes, information about food and nutrients, and more!

  • Southern Fried Nutrition

    Southern Fried Nutrition
    Author: Sherry Coleman Collins
    Sherry Coleman Collins is an Atlanta-based registered dietitian nutritionist committed to making the healthy bite the delicious bite! A food lover and mom, Sherry's blog melds stories from her southern heritage with recipes, healthy tips for finding balance, and inspiration.
  • Stressipes

    Author: Elisa Zied

    Empowering, enlightening, & inspiring lives one smart step, one delicious bite at a time.

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  • Tamsin Jordan Nutrition

    Tamsin Jordan Nutrition
    Author: Tammy Jordan

    My blog covers a range of nutrition and wellness topics including womens' health, weight management, bariatric surgery, and healthy recipes. I also have links to other articles I have written for other publications. I am still trying to add your 'blog network' as a widget

  • Taste Life, with Chere Bork

    Taste Life, with Chere Bork
    Author: Chere Bork

    Chere believes life is easy and we make it hard. She empowers people as a National Speaker, Media Spokesperson and Wellcoach® faculty member with the 5 key ingredients for savory living – purpose, energy, balance, happiness and health.

  • The Baby Steps Dietitian

    The Baby Steps Dietitian
    Author: Diana Rice

    Nutrition for the messy intersection of pregnancy, postpartum health and feeding tiny humans. By family nutrition expert and mom Diana K. Rice, RD. Featuring easy recipes, child feeding advice and positive postpartum body image info.

  • The Balanced Dietitian

    The Balanced Dietitian
    Author: Amy Davis

    My blog aims to help others find their own balance through healthy behaviors. I provide quick, easy, veggie-centric recipes, share products that make living healthfully easier, and discuss general healthy habits and well-being tips all in an upbeat, realistic, and genuine manner.

  • The Delicious Dietitian

    The Delicious Dietitian
    Author: Haley Lacey

    The Delicious Dietitian blog was founded to educate people and help them eat healthy, enjoyable meals created by food experts. This blog provides information and recipes to help people eat right and learn how food effects every aspect of life.

  • The Devoted Nutrition Blog!devotednutritonblog/c1s6y

    The Devoted Nutrition Blog
    Author: Daniela Mitreska

    What you will find is a good honest blog about a Dietitian & wholesome, healthly, living. Ill be posting on a variety of topics, including updates on new nutrition science, myth busting, product reviews, recipe development and modification.

  • The Dietitian Diaries

    The Dietitian Diaries
    Author: Nikki Bennett
    Follow a dietitian as she tries new recipes and inspires others to try new things to bring more people into the kitchen and away from fast food.
  • The Fat Nutritionist

    The Fat Nutritionist
    Author: Michelle Allison

    Health at Every Size, size acceptance, body image, media representation, eating competence, picky eating, and takedowns of diet culture. Eating normally is the new black.

  • The Food Coach Blog

    The Food Coach Blog
    Author: Sasha Watkins
    I am a dietitian with professional experience advising parents on how to wean and now I am doing it as a parent. And it's definitely different being on the other side! This blog will provide simple, bite size pieces of information that you can look at as you go along.
  • The Foodie RD

    The Foodie RD
    Author: Zeina Khawam

    It's always about what we eat, but rather how we eat. This blog focuses on mindful eating, with tips and tricks, and delicious recipes!

  • The Healthy Bachelorette

    The Healthy Bachelorette
    Authors: Brittany Chin Chin, Meaghan Sutherland, RD

    We are two young RD professionals living a busy lifestyle and juggling work, travel a social life, graduate school, relationships and exercise! Healthy recipes for 1-2 people from Registered Dietitians to meet your busy and fabulous lifestyle!

  • The Nourished One

    The Nourished One
    Author: Lauren Brereton

    The Nourished One is a website designed to help women let go of emotional eating.

  • The Organic Dietitian

    The Organic Dietitian
    Author: Sara Korzeniewski

    Dietitian Sara is a Registered Dietitian with a passion for educating the world on real food and using food as medicine. Sara provides practical, evidence based information to help you live a healthy and balanced life. Eating wholesome food can be easy and delicious!

  • The Sassy Dietitian

    The Sassy Dietitian
    Author: Laura Ligos

    The Sassy Dietitian is a judgement free zone where Laura aka "Sassy" discusses how to live a real food lifestyle in a fast food world. She provides new recipes weekly and debunks nutrition myths on the regular.

  • Tribeca Nutrition

    Tribeca Nutrition
    Author: Natalia Stasenko

    Expert tips and advice on feeding children, pre- and postnatal nutrition and weight loss. Super-simple and uber-nutritious recipes and mealtime tips.

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  • Unite for Her Blog

    Unite for Her Blog
    Author: Katie Cavuto
    Unite for HER is an organization that works to empower and restore the health and wellness of women with breast cancer. We promote real foods, the importance of cooking for health and wellness, and the principle of food as your medicine.
  • Up Early With Amy

    Up Early With Amy
    Author: Amy Bortnick
    Up Early With Amy is a gratitude journal, nutrition resource, recipe book, running log, and place to reflect. My hope is to spread some inspiration for living healthy, eating well, and running through my own experiences.

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  • Well Diva Lifestyle

    Well Diva Lifestyle
    Author: Renee Simpson

    Well Diva Lifestyle provides recipes, articles, and encouragement for women desiring to live a happy, healthy and fly lifestyle.

  • Witty Nutrition

    Witty Nutrition
    Author: Whitney Ahneman

    Smart nutrition starts here.  A collection of thoughts and strategies for optimal nutrition.  Topics include wellness, nutrition technology trends, wearable nutrition gear, and smart public policy initiatives. 

  • Womens Nutrition Services

    Womens Nutrition Services
    Author: Julia Durie
    A blog on all things nutritious and delicious with a focus on women's health. I have a private practice in Newcastle Australia with a focus on nutrition support & education for all thing's related to women's health.