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  • 3 Scoops of Sugar

    3 Scoops of Sugar
    Author: Megan Davidson

    A food blog inspired by my 3 children ages 2, 3 and 5 to develop and create delicious and healthy recipes to promote health and happiness while still tasting absolutely delicious!!

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  • A Dietitian's Kitchen

    A Dietitian
    Author: Edie Shaw-Ewald

    My blog is a photo tutorial of healthy, primarily local and seasonal, often vegetarian, always delicious recipes. As a private practice dietitian, I love to show clients how to cook real food!

  • A Girl and Her Carrot

    A Girl and Her Carrot
    Author: Jennifer Vagios

    A Dietitian & yoga teacher empowering others to find balance in their life via a candid approach to all things healthy living. Expect recipes, healthy tips and sound nutrition info. Eat real food, cook even a little, laugh, exercise and do yoga.

  • A Healthier Michigan

    A Healthier Michigan
    Author: Grace Derocha

    Our mission is to help everyone in Michigan get healthier from the inside out. This means everything from giving you resources to help you make better decisions about diet and exercise, as well as information on creating and sustaining nurturing communities and successful businesses — everything you need to help create a healthier Michigan.

  • Amy's Eat List

    Author: Amy Gorin

    Want delicious recipes that also happen to be super nutritious? Here you go! In my blog, I'll bring you vegetarian and vegan dietitian-approved recipes, as well as the latest in nutritional science, food trends, and more.

  • Art of Nutrition

    Art of Nutrition
    Author: Dana Artinyan
    As an RD and food lover, my blog is a vehicle for sharing better-for-you recipes and foods (from farmers market to grocery store finds). I promote clean eating with my recipes, which are often vegetarian, gluten-free and/or dairy-free for those on restricted diets. Enjoy!
  • Avocado A Day Nutrition

    Avocado A Day Nutrition
    Author: Rachael Hartley

    Written by private practice dietitian Rachael Hartley, Avocado A Day Nutrition shares whole food focused recipes and practical eating advice with a focus on mindful and intuitive eating.

  • Avocado Alice

    Avocado Alice
    Author: Alice Ma

    Hi! I'm a recently converted flexi-vegan who loves to make over and "veganize" recipes, especially if they include avocados! Follow along as I share healthy recipes for the at-home vegan, as well as tips on being vegan when it comes to traveling and social situations!

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  • B.Flavorful

    Author: Brieanna Casperson

    This blog is a compilation of plant-based recipes, nutrition tips and holistic wellness advice from a Connecticut-based dietitian and health coach.

  • Baking On The Side

    Baking On The Side
    Author: Bronwyn Coyne

    This is a blog meant to share recipes, ideas, and little life stories to connect with and inspire others in their healthy lifestyles. I am a dietitian by trade, but my love affair with food started long before becoming a dietitian, and will likely continue long after.

  • Be the Change Nutrition

    Be the Change Nutrition
    Author: Corinne Goff

    I am a Registered Dietitian and Eating Psychology Coach living in North Kingstown, Rhode Island. I have a BA in Psychology from Salve Regina University and a BS in Nutrition and Food Science from the University of Rhode Island. My mission is to help you reach your health goals

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  • Carried Away About Nutrition

    Carried Away About Nutrition
    Author: Carrie Wissemeier
    My nutrition blog is compilation of my food experiments in the kitchen and my passion for sharing health and wellness. I rehab recipes with a healthy twist for quality nutrition and delicious food.
  • Carrots and Cake

    Carrots and Cake
    Author: Nita Sharda
    This blog will offer readers a chance to reflect not only on the foods they eat, but how and why they eat. It is my sincere aim to provide readers with opportunities to learn more about our food, where it comes from and how it’s properties can nourish our body (or not).
  • ChampagneNutritoin

    Author: Ginger Hultin

    Written by a dietitian with a passion for eating, drinking wine, working out, and traveling, Champagne Nutrition offers nutrition and lifestyle inspiration for busy folks who want it all; a Champagne life!

  • Chard in Charge

    Chard in Charge
    Author: Dianna Sinni

    A food and nutrition blog focusing on whole foods, organic gardening, and simple plant-based recipes.

  • Chef Shauna

    Chef Shauna
    Author: Shauna Keeler

    This is my healthy cooking blog where I feature plant-based recipes and photos.

  • Christy Wilson Nutrition

    Christy Wilson Nutrition
    Author: Christy Wilson

    As mom, wife and Registered Dietitian, I make nutrition information simple & meaningful & I prepare foods that are quick, delicious & healthy. I write, cook, teach, speak about and take photos of all that is food. Inspired by my family & my culture.

  • Climb Healthy

    Climb Healthy
    Author: Aicacia Young

    A functional nutrition resource for climbers and other adventure-seekers

  • Cozy Peach Kitchen

    Cozy Peach Kitchen
    Author: Cassidy Reeser

    A vegetarian and vegan blog sharing recipes ranging from healthy treats to classic comfort food.

  • Crumb,Ink.

    Author: Lillian Yin

    A platform to exchange conversations about food from stories to culture to science through the lens of a registered dietitian, immigrant, daughter, partner and a plant-based advocate.

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  • Daily Dose of Greens

    Daily Dose of Greens
    Author: Mary Ross Fowler

    Daily Dose of Greens is a blog by registered dietitian, Mary Ross Fowler, who lives in North Carolina. Its purpose is to become a helpful resource for nutrition information, healthful recipes, and natural living. All recipes are plant-based (vegan/vegetarian) and family-friendly!

  • Dandelion Nutrition

    Dandelion Nutrition
    Author: Marlene Maltby

    Are you concerned about your child's weight? Do you have a picky eater? Adjusting to food sensitivities or allergies? Worried about your teen's poor eating habits? Get answers about your child's nutrition and learn what you can do to help ensure they grow strong, stay healthy an

  • Danielle Judson Nutrition

    Danielle Judson Nutrition
    Author: Danielle Judson

    A collection of colorful, creative and delicious plant-based recipes from a Los Angeles based registered dietitian.

  • Deliciousdietitianduo

    Author: Amy Horrock
    We are dietitians, food lovers and twin sisters! We are on a mission to inspire good nutrition one delicious recipe at a time. On our blog you will find an assortment of recipes from meat 'n potatoes to gluten free to raw 'n vegan! A little something for every taste bud!
  • Dietitian Debbie Dishes

    Dietitian Debbie Dishes
    Author: Deborah Davis

    To put it in my grandfather's own words, "all she does is eat!". Dietitian Debbie Dishes was created as an outlet for me to share healthy recipes, fun food facts, fitness tips, and more. As a dietitian, I want people to know that eating healthy doesn't have to be complicated!

  • Dietitian Mom

    Dietitian Mom
    Author: Anna Tseng

    Want to begin plant-based eating but don't know how? As a pediatric dietitian, my mission is to help you & your family thrive plantifully. This website features flavorful, family-friendly, kid-approved vegan recipes, plant-based child nutrition topics & Asian-inspired dishes!

  • Dish By Trish

    Dish By Trish
    Author: Patricia O'Keefe

    Leading plant-based nutritionist and dietitian, Trish, brings you DELICIOUS, healthy dishes and WELLNESS tips. Lover of Natural Health and Healing. Co-Founder of Sprout Wellness Center.

  • do what iu love

    do what iu love
    Author: Laura Iu

    DO WHAT IU LOVE is your guide for living a nourishing and balanced life; a place to get your daily dose of inspiration and motivation. Here you'll find plant-based recipes, expert nutrition advice, a glimpse into my lifestyle, and how to work with me privately.

  • Dough See Dough

    Dough See Dough
    Author: Jennifer Dreyer

    Eating well is fun & delicious! Recipes on DSD vary from heart-healthy salads to indulgent vegan cinnamon rolls.

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  • Eat Globally

    Eat Globally

    Foodie Dietitian from NYC living in London, eating her way around the world & writing about it. Follow along as I explore traditional dishes and food cultures from around the globe; and as I try to make sensible food choices while traveling extensively.

  • Eat Real Live Well

    Eat Real Live Well
    Author: Kelly Jones

    Kelly R. Jones, a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, provides recipes and motivation to fuel your healthy lifestyle.

  • Eat to Compete

    Eat to Compete
    Author: Katilyn Davis
    'Eat to Compete' provides research-based sport performance nutrition information to individual athletes, athletic teams, and athletic staff to help ordinary athletes become extraordinary competitors. Because what you eat DOES affect how you compete!
  • Eat Well. Get Strong.

    Eat Well. Get Strong.
    Author: Cathy Leman
    Here, my professional and personal passions merge, creating a balanced, sane approach to health and wellness. It’s here that home cooking, vegetarian and vegan nutrition, and staying active and fit coexist to encourage healthy weight, a realistic body image, and the elimination of perfection.
  • Eat, Feel, Live Better

    Eat, Feel, Live Better
    Author: Renee Rogers

    Renee Rogers is a registered dietitian and lover of food, people, and health.  She offers tons of step-by-step recipes, tips, and recommendations so you too can reap the benefits of a nutritious delicious diet.

  • EatLaughDrink

    Author: Sara Oberle

    EatLaughDrink is a blog devoted to sharing my passion, knowledge and love for wholesome and nourishing food. Give your body and mind what it deserves while learning how to create delicious and healthy foods.

  • EB Nutrition

    EB Nutrition
    Author: Ebony McCorkell

    Recipes and nutrition tips from a Melbourne-based ethical vegan, dietitian, and chef. Ebony is social justice oriented and believes in size diversity and promoting health at every size.

  • ecoRDN

    Author: Darla Balthaser

    ecoRDN is a blog created and maintained by a registered dietitian and a vegan chef. The blog provides recipes, restaurant reviews and nutrition resources for both consumers and professionals interested in plant-based nutrition and lifestyles.


    Author: Laura Ledas

    elleNUTRITION empowers readers to eat well and feel better by using whole foods, simple recipes, and comprehensive eating guides. This dietitian-run website is primarily developed for women. Private practice dietitian services are available upon request.

  • Energy We Bring

    Energy We Bring
    Author: Francesca Cugini
    We hope to show the universe that professionals with diverse qualifications can collaborate instead of oppose each other. Francesca (Registered Dietitian) & Julia (Holistic Health Coach)
  • Every Bite Matters

    Every Bite Matters
    Author: Isabel Wong

    A NYC-based Clinical Dietitian and Sports Nutritionist who created this blog to inspire others to achieve optimum health through clean and wholesome eating and active living.

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  • faaizahsnutritionlab

    Author: Faaizah Laher

    Teaching healthy meals one recipe at a time. Hints on a healthy lifestyle. I take the recipes I love and are traditional, I take them to my 'lab' and try to make them low sugar/ low fat and healthier.

  • fANNEtastic food

    fANNEtastic food
    Author: Anne Mauney
    Inspiring readers to lead happier, healthier lives, one post at a time. Come for the recipes - stay for the fun! Check out my blog for simple healthy recipes, quick and easy meal ideas, packed lunches, health tips, and more.
  • flavorrd

    Author: Mary Parsons

    flavorrd is a blog about mastering the art of feeding ourselves. Join nutrition discussions, and find recipes for foods that nourish the body and satisfy the appetite. The site focuses on whole foods, real science, and providing a steady source of information and inspiration.

  • Food is Vida

    Food is Vida
    Author: Jennifer Rodriguez

    Food is Vida, created by plant-based dietitian Jennifer Rodriguez, encourages preventive-based health practices by inspiring others to view food as life or 'vida', while balancing other healthful actions in our daily lives such as a healthy mind, body and spirit.

  • Food Matters 365

    Food Matters 365
    Author: Mona Bostick

    Food Matters 365 strives to provide practical, up-to-date, research based nutrition information as well as the occasional recipe to help you eat better and feel better.

  • Food Sense Nutrition

    Food Sense Nutrition
    Author: Danielle VenHuizen

    Being that I specialize in food sensitivities, I tend to write about topics pertaining to those who have IBS, migraines, fibromyalgia or other digestive disorders. I also love writing about pregnancy and child nutrition and the unique nutritional needs of those groups.

  • Fuel Right Nutrition

    Fuel Right Nutrition
    Author: Margaret Mielczarek

    Fuel Right Nutrition is an online nutrition and sports nutrition consultancy. The blog showcases nutrition articles and recipes, product reviews; my personal training and racing, and more.

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  • GardenCuizine

    Author: Diana Wind

    Healthy Lifestyle, Food and Nutrition Connecting families to nutritious food through gardening

  • GoWin Nutrition

    GoWin Nutrition
    Author: Tina Carlucci

    I'm a Registered Dietititian, avid runner, new mom, and food lover who likes to talk about eating food…not not eating it. My goal is to help you find your healthy – to discover the balance that makes you feel amazing inside and out.

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  • HappyDietitian

    Author: Wendy Wu is a blog covering health, nutrition, beauty and more.
  • Healing from Scratch

    Healing from Scratch
    Author: Vanessa Berenstein

    Healing From Scratch is an integrative health & wellness website that seeks to uncover the root causes of imbalance and disease. We incorporate recipes, meal planning, stress reduction and gardening education to make healthy living as fun, easy and sustainable as possible.

  • Healthy Bites

    Healthy Bites
    Author: Katie Cavuto
    The Healthy Bites Blog is all about promoting simple, delicious, approachable food for everyday use. We promote real foods, the importance of cooking for health and wellness, and the principle of food as your medicine.
  • Healthy Grocery Girl

    Healthy Grocery Girl
    Author: Megan Roosevelt

    Your Guide To Shop, Cook & Eat Plant-Based. Healthy Grocery Girl provides recipes, how-to cooking videos and more to help you transition into and enjoyably maintain a plant-based lifestyle.

  • How to Eat

    How to Eat
    Two food loving soul-mates (and registered dietitians) cooking up a storm and providing tips and tricks to eat well. Recipes categories include: Recipe Makeovers, Quickie Meals, Easy Lunches, Grab-and-Go Breakfasts, Slow Cooker Meals, Snack Healthy.

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  • It's a Veg World After All

    Author: Lizzie Streit

    It's a Veg World After All is a blog and healthy recipe library. The recipes are focused on vegetables and plant-based ingredients, but include all foods. Explore the site to learn easy approaches to eating healthy, and how to translate nutrition information into everyday habits.

  • i_amEatingRight

    Author: Kareen Turner

    I'm a Registered Dietitian talking about my love for all things food, health, and fitness-related. Join me as I explore all the world has to offer nutritionally!

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  • Jenmi Jenmi: The Registered Dietitian and the Student

    Jenmi Jenmi: The Registered Dietitian and the Student
    Author: Jennifer Miyagawa

    Jenmi Jenmi is a healthy lifestyle blog, chronicling the healthy lives of a register dietician and a dietetic student. The blog follows our lives through food and fitness which includes our favorite recipes, stories, healthy living, career, happiness

  • Jenna Gorham Nutrition

    Jenna Gorham Nutrition
    Author: Jenna Gorham

    Healthy eating should be easy. My blog focuses on a non-diet approach, allowing all foods to fit, and general nutrition information. I focus on women's health, particularly prenatal nutrition, weight management, and vegetarian/vegan diets.

  • Juggling with Julia

    Juggling with Julia
    Author: Julia Robarts

    Need some no-nonsense inspiration to feed YOUR family? Check out my 400+ family-tested and kid-approved recipes. Simple dishes with a focus on sensible nutrition is always my goal. And there’s plenty of humor too, ‘cause life is funny with 3 kids!

  • Junk Food Rehab

    Junk Food Rehab
    Author: Kim Smith

    "Let food be Thy Medicine." Find practical tips on what to eat to create excellent health, with the science behind the recommendations. Written by a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist who has helped thousands of individuals, including herself, achieve better health with nutrition.

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  • Kim's Healthy Life

    Author: Kim Denkhaus

    Translating the confusing and ever-changing science of nutrition into simplistic, fun, and meaningful information. Our mission is to empower individuals to reach their personal health goals. Let us help you live a healthier life!

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  • Leanne Ray Nutrition

    Leanne Ray Nutrition
    Author: Leanne Ray

    My goal is to make nutrition and cooking practical for busy professionals. I post plant-powered recipes and talk a lot about cooking technique, and also break down nutrition science topics to make them fun and approachable to read!

  • Lettuce Have Lettuce

    Lettuce Have Lettuce
    Authors: Laurie Knauf, Kristen Sedovic
    Two dietitians, a passion for healthy cooking, and a wealth of nutrition knowledge. We are dietitians on a mission to share our thoughts, know-how, and discoveries about food, nutrition, and cooking.
  • Lettuce Veg Out

    Lettuce Veg Out
    Author: Nicole Stevens

    Plant-based recipes and nutrition from a vegan Registered Dietitian. Empowering vegans to live a balanced life and gain confidence in the kitchen.

  • Life To Table

    Life To Table
    Two registered dietitians , Amanda and MIchelle, with a passion for healthy food and wholesome living. Recipes include anything ranging from vegan, gluten free, free range meat and down right ooey, gooey chocolate! We also provide tips on how to eat a nutritious diet.

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  • Marcia Nelson's Blog

    Marcia Nelson
    Author: Marcia Nelson

    A Registered Dietitian specializing in sports nutrition and a lover of good food using healthy ingredients (and a few not so good-for-you treats!). I am fascinated by the influence of nutrition on sports performance. 

  • Melissa Traub

    Melissa Traub
    Author: Melissa Altman-Traub

    Plant based nutrition and healthy living! Nutrition information, recipes, healthy eating for travel, with a focus on homemade food and vegan recipes.

  • Moxie Musing

    Moxie Musing
    Author: Kristina DeMuth
    Kristina is a registered dietitian and master's in public health student. She is passionate about helping people around the world obtain a healthy lifestyle by using whole, plant-based foods. Her experience living in Haiti has inspired her conscientious lifestyle choices.
  • My Healthy Ending

    My Healthy Ending
    Author: Mairead Callahan

    Healthy Endings is a Natural Health and Lifestyle blog focused on Plant Based Nutrition. Learn how to nourish your body and your soul with wholesome recipes, products, and services of Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and Personal Trainer, Mairead Callahan

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  • Namaste Nutrition Blog

    Namaste Nutrition Blog
    Author: Diana Cullum-Dugan

    Namaste Nutrition's blog provides evidence-based and integrative practices (yoga, Ayurveda) for a low stress, optimally healthy and mindful lifestyle. Ah, so good. Beginner’s mind. Mindful awareness. Just this moment. No judgment. Just good reading. Welcome.

  • Neat & Nutritious

    Neat & Nutritious
    Author: Stephanie Darby

    Neat & Nutritious is a healthy living blog focused on neat, minimalist living and running and nutritious, plant based recipes and information.

  • Nibble On Nutrition

    Nibble On Nutrition
    Author: Chelsea Wojtowicz

    Healthy eating and weight management tips from a registered dietitian with recipes, featuring many vegetarian and vegan dishes as well as some with meat.

  • No Excuses Health

    No Excuses Health
    Author: Amy Good

    A holistic approach to health. I have designed the four pillars of a healthful life that I focus on to help people create a more meaningful, mindful, life. The four pillars are sustainable nutrition, personal growth, joyous activity, and healthy relationships.

  • Nourished by Bri

    Nourished by Bri
    Author: Brianna Meghawache

    Nourished by Bri was created to connect you with resources, recipes, and education on a healthy, whole-foods, plant-centered lifestyle! Bri offers whole foods recipes with an emphasis on plant-based choices to maximize your nutrient intake and health potential!

  • Nutrition Awareness

    Nutrition Awareness
    Author: Megan Ware

    Join me as I try new recipes, make old favorites healthier and debunk myths about food trends, dieting and weight loss.

  • Nutrition Facts

    Nutrition Facts
    Author: Lindsey Mazanec

    Providing factual nutrition information 5 days week: Meatless Monday, Truth on Tuesday, Wine Down Wednesday, Thank God It's Thursday, & Fitness Friday.

  • Nutrition from the Ground Up

    Nutrition from the Ground Up
    Author: Nicole Cormier

    Nutrition from the Ground Up is an intuitive guide to cultivating a sustainable food practice. This blog provides a supportive community for practicing intuitive cooking and sustainable living. Nicole Cormier, RD, LDN also shares her journey into sustainability.

  • Nutrition to Go

    Nutrition to Go
    Author: Beth Audie

    Nutrition To Go is a blog dedicated to translating nutritional science into easy-to-understand nutrition knowledge. Here, you will find information on various topics to help you live an active and healthy lifestyle.

  • Nutrition-In-Sight Blog

    Nutrition-In-Sight Blog
    Author: Monique Richard

    The blog of dietitian nutritionist Monique Richard, covering topics related to a integrative and functional medicine and exploring how a personalized, holistic approach to nutrition can promote health and well-being.

  • nutritionALL

    Author: Brittney Stretsbery

    nutritionALL is your resource for all things food and nutrition! Find food and nutrition information in an easy-to-use and fun format! Learn more about: family nutrition, the latest food trends, recipes, living green, product reviews, and many other tips and tricks to help you lead a more nutritious life!

  • NutritionWise

    Author: Nicole Meadow

    Nutrition is a journey, not a destination.  Be NutritionWise every day.  The NutritionWise Blog provides tips, tricks, recipes, information, research and much more to help you and your family lead the most healthful life possible.

  • Nutritious Vida

    Nutritious Vida
    Author: Karla Moreno-Bryce

    Written by bilingual private practice Registered Dietitian, Karla Moreno-Bryce MDA RD, Nutritious Vida focuses on practical and delicious plant-based recipes. The blog also shares a Restaurant Review series of personal experiences at vegan restaurants.

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  • Olive Tomato

    Olive Tomato
    Author: Elena Paravantes

    If you want trusted information about the Mediterranean Diet, you’re at the right place. Join me, a Registered Dietitian living in Greece, as I talk about the Mediterranean and Greek diet, news, research, recipes and learn how you can incorporate this healthy diet to your life.

  • One Hungry Bunny

    One Hungry Bunny
    Author: Kathryn Pfeffer
    Personal blog posting about my adventures in the kitchen cooking for my vegetarian, ultra-running husband. My recipes posted are mainly plant-based and I explain the truth behind hot nutrition trends.
  • Osinga Nutrition

    Osinga Nutrition
    Author: Nicole Osinga

    Nicoles Nutrition Philosophy: Eat real, whole foods. Eat mostly plants. Focus on the texture, taste and quality of the food; don’t get hung up on calories or points. Nourish your body instead of restricting yourself. Prepare most of your food yourself.

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  • Peace, Love, and Food

    Peace, Love, and Food
    Author: Kara Lydon

    The purpose of my blog is to inspire a peace of mind around what you eat and a love for nutritious food. A reflection of my life based around food, nutrition, and wellness, my blog also provides tips along the way on how to lead a healthy lifestyle.

  • Planted in Nutrition!blog/esw1o

    Planted in Nutrition
    Author: Julie Wallace

    Planted in Nutrition is a blog focused on helping people maximize their health by taking evidence, studies, and related information and breaking it down. The blog, and website, is plant-forward meaning we encourage people to eat more plant-based foods.

  • Poppies and Papayas

    Poppies and Papayas
    Author: Selva Wohlgemuth

    My blog is dedicated to delicious, generally gluten-free, recipes highlighting seasonal favorites and unique flavor combinations. With each recipe I highlight a nutrition topic or highlight foods within a recipe, educating my readers and giving them meal inspiration.

  • Prairie Sprout

    Prairie Sprout
    Author: Angela Tucker

    Prairie Sprout is a blog created for sharing credible information and inspiration to support those interested in learning more about a vegan lifestyle and plant based eating.

  • Pulse Nutrition YK

    Pulse Nutrition YK
    Author: Kathleen Hernder

    Kathleen Hernder RD explores nutrition issues from a Health at Every Size®, body positive perspective including our relationship with food, sports nutrition, and digestive health. Kathleen's goal is to help you to improve your eating and reach your goals while still enjoying life

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  • Quick Healthy Cook

    Quick Healthy Cook
    Author: Sylvia White

    Quick Healthy Cook is a recipe site for easy recipes to help you get a healthy meal on the table fast. Most food recipes are ready in 30 minutes or less.

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  • Radio Nutrition

    Radio Nutrition
    Author: Donna Feldman

    Nutrition news, food reviews, research updates, diet tips, supplements, book reviews and expert interviews. Radio Nutrition features the podcast series "Walk Talk Nutrition", with RDs Donna Feldman and Kathy Isacks, discussing current topics and controversies in nutrition

  • Raising My Healthy Eater

    Raising My Healthy Eater
    Author: Lucia Gabriela Navarrete
    Raising my Healthy Eater was created to share knowledge, hope, positive energy and to demonstrate hope by arming ourselves with the resources to fight body, mind and emotional diseases that our kids are being affected by.
  • Renee's Healthy Weighs

    Author: Renee Pieroth

    Finding the balance between nourishing your body with foods and living an active lifestyle is vital to achieving a positive state of mind. This is essential to fight diseases and maintain a healthy weight. Try plant-based recipes and advice for consuming nutritious foods.

  • Ripe

    Author: Stephanie Hoban
    Ripe is a healthy, seasonal cooking blog. Find vegan recipes to help you eat with a purpose, maximize nutrition, and Stay Ripe!

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  • Savor: Mindful Eating Mindful Life

    Savor: Mindful Eating Mindful Life
    Author: Lilian Cheung
    The Savor blog, authored by Harvard nutritionist Dr. Lilian Cheung, offers mindful eating support: recipes, information, meditations and wellness resources.
  • Sensibly Sprouted

    Sensibly Sprouted
    Author: Michelle Smith

    Michelle Smith is a registered dietitian and health coach with a passion for plant-based living. On her Sensibly Sprouted blog she shares evidenced-based information, practical tips, and delicious recipes that cover the basics for following a plant-powered lifestyle.

  • Simplicious Food

    Simplicious Food
    Author: Brittany Thomas

    Simplicious Food is exactly what it implies - a blog with simple and delicious recipes that will inspire you to get in the kitchen. My recipes are quick and easy, and they all use whole food ingredients. I strive to include local, in-season ingredients as much as possible.

  • Sinful Nutrition

    Sinful Nutrition
    Author: Emily Cooper

    Sinful Nutrition is a blog created in 2010 as a way to share my passion for nutrition and healthy living through healthy alternative recipes for otherwise 'sinful' dishes. It has now grown to include a fitness aspect, guest posts, reviews, and other random ramblings.

  • Soul Nutriton Consulting

    Soul Nutriton Consulting
    Author: Sara Brunner

    Recipes and highliting the nutritional benefits of the foods in them as well as discussing the profile of functional foods and their role in the body and human health.

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  • Taste and Sprout

    Taste and Sprout
    Author: Elizabeth Cowie

    Taste and Sprout features delicious, healthy, family-friendly recipes that are quick and easy to prepare. Here you will find nutritious can equal delicious.

  • The Conscious Dietitian

    The Conscious Dietitian
    Author: Rachel Dickens

    The Conscious Dietitian aims to bring together a healthy diet for our bodies, as well as our planet. Green eating tips and seasonal recipes be a Registered Dietitian and Certified Diabetes Educator. Recipes are plant-based and low carbohydrate.

  • The Crunchy Radish

    The Crunchy Radish
    Author: Miranda Hammer

    TCR is about inspiring home cooks of all skill levels to get into the kitchen & cook healthily. I set out to prove that healthy cooking does not have to be complicated or lacking in flavor with laundry lists of obscure ingredients. TCR is mainly plant based & seasonally minded.

  • The Educated Plate

    The Educated Plate
    Author: Kate Moran

    Pro-Sports Dietitian for the Minnesota Twins by day and owner of The Educated Plate by night, Kate offers food and nutrition education, inspiration & counseling services for an active, healthy life.

  • The Fresh Beet

    The Fresh Beet
    Author: Ashley Galloway
    The Fresh Beet aims to inspire others to get creative in the kitchen and to enjoy it. Here you will also find dietitian approved discussions on nutrition as well as personal events from my wonderful world of food. 
  • The G-Free RD

    The G-Free RD
    Author: Caroline Waters

    A gluten-free, mainly plant-based nutrition and recipe blog by a southern Registered Dietitian Nutritionist.

  • the Gluten free Italian

    the Gluten free Italian
    Authors: Stephanie Clairmont, Kara Racco

    A blog written by registered dietitian Stephanie Clairmont focusing on gluten-free, low FODMAP, Italian recipes & advice for those with Irritable Bowel Sydrome (IBS) and food intolerance. Our goal is to show you how eating without can be absolutely delicious!

  • The Good Life Center - Your Path to Wellness

    The Good Life Center - Your Path to Wellness
    Author: Chloe Devening

    The Good Life Center is a four-month physician-supervised program offered at Glen Allen Internal Medicine that incorporates the principles of holistic and preventative medicine to help achieve health goals.

  • The Grateful Grazer

    The Grateful Grazer
    Author: Steph Coogan

    I'm Steph and I'm a registered dietitian and believer that food should taste great and make us feel even better. On The Grateful Grazer you'll find whole wellness through expert nutrition advice and simple recipes featuring whole, plant-based ingredients.

  • the Green Dietitian

    the Green Dietitian
    Author: Louisa Rosenqvist

    I'm Louisa, a plant-eating dietitian living in Sweden. Tea, dark chocolate, green smoothies and everything wellness make me happy.

  • The Lean Green Bean

    The Lean Green Bean
    Author: Lindsay Livingston
    I'm a Registered Dietitian from Columbus, Ohio and I blog about healthy food and fitness, with a sprinkle of life thrown in as well! On my blog you'll also find nutrition tips and a few tasty treats.
  • The Plant-Powered Blog

    The Plant-Powered Blog
    Author: Sharon Palmer

    Sharon Palmer is The Plant-Powered Dietitian™, food and nutrition writer, and plant-based nutrition expert. On The Plant-Powered Blog, you will find delicious plant-based recipes and articles covering food and environmental issues, sustainability and plant-based nutrition.

  • The Skinny

    The Skinny
    Author: Anastasia Climan
    "The Skinny" is a chic nutrition blog for the modern woman. Posts range from scientific (appetite hormones) to social (happy hour). Anastasia delves into insightful, trending topics that are refreshingly relevant for your busy & fabulous lifestyle.
  • The Smart Girl's Guide to Going Vegetarian

    The Smart Girl
    Author: Rachel Meltzer Warren

    A blog geared toward "veg-curious" teens, but filled with useful recipes, tips, and information for anyone looking to give up meat or shift to a more plant-based diet. The companion blog to the book "The Smart Girl's Guide to Going Vegetarian."

  • True Love Health

    True Love Health
    Author: Matthew Ruscigno
    Matt Ruscigno is a Registered Dietitian, endurance athlete and vegan who writes about vegetarian cooking, adventure and sports nutrition.

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  • U Rock Girl

    U Rock Girl
    Authors: Tiffany Bachus, Erin MacDonald

    Created by two Nutrition and Wellness Experts, U Rock Girl is the one stop for women of all ages for information, products, and services to improve your life and nourish your mind, body, and spirit

  • Unite for Her Blog

    Unite for Her Blog
    Author: Katie Cavuto
    Unite for HER is an organization that works to empower and restore the health and wellness of women with breast cancer. We promote real foods, the importance of cooking for health and wellness, and the principle of food as your medicine.
  • Unrefined RD

    Unrefined RD
    Author: Kimberly Suddeath

    Unrefined RD is a food blog that focuses on natural, plant-based recipes. The aim of the blog is to inspire others to eat from the earth in the most natural and sustainable way possible.

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  • Veg Girl RD

    Veg Girl RD
    Author: Kristine Duncan

    A diary of vegetarian food from a dietitian's perspective.  I'll share nutrition tips, mealtime hints, and shopping ideas for a plant-based diet.  Together we'll explore healthy food in your home, your neighborhood, your region, and your world.

  • Vegas Vitality Nutrition

    Vegas Vitality Nutrition
    Author: Crystal Petrello

    Vegas Vitality Nutrition will be a year long journey through Las Vegas lifestyle, food, and nightlife while eating well and feeling refreshed.

  • Vine Ripe Nutrition

    Vine Ripe Nutrition
    Author: Denise Barratt

    Registered dietitian nutritionist's recipe and nutrition blog with a focus on seasonal, local ingredients. Plant based vegetarian and sustainable green inspiration with occasional ethical meat recipe or variation. Interviews with local farmers and farm to table restaurants.

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  • Well Diva Lifestyle

    Well Diva Lifestyle
    Author: Renee Simpson

    Well Diva Lifestyle provides recipes, articles, and encouragement for women desiring to live a happy, healthy and fly lifestyle.

  • What I'm Eating Now

    What I
    Author: Tamara Freuman

    A food and nutrition blog dedicated to gluten-free living, featuring healthy, plant-based recipes, meal ideas and nutrition tips.

  • Whole Foods Explorer

    Whole Foods Explorer
    Author: Maribeth Evezich

    Has your healthy cooking become boring? Mine did. Whole Foods Explorer is a website dedicated to the curious exploration of whole foods how, to prepare them and reinvent them. Along the way, comfort foods of the past may be transformed into staples of a healthy lifestyle today.

  • Whole Living Lauren

    Whole Living Lauren
    Author: Lauren Blake

    Find nourishing and delicious plant-based recipes as well as health & nutrition tips from a wellness focused Registered Dietitian on! My philosophy is simple. I approach food with an un-diet approach focusing on whole, nourishing, and nutrient dense foods.

  • Wholify

    Author: Michaela Ballmann
    Wholify takes the message of sound nutrition and connects it with how you think, feel, and live. It is a way of thinking, being, and eating. It changes how you relate to food and yourself. Restoring Your Wellbeing!
  • Wholly Plants

    Wholly Plants
    Authors: Natalie Martin, Lexie Staten

    Wholly Plants is co-authored by Registered Dietitians and sisters who are passionate about sharing the how & why of eating a whole food, plant-based diet. Their love of all things food motivates them to create delicious, beautiful and health-promoting dishes.

  • With a Side of Sneakers

    With a Side of Sneakers
    Author: Heather Neal

    A blog about food, fitness, and finding balance after an injury. A dietitian's perspective on eating in the real world.

  • With Health & Gratitude

    With Health & Gratitude
    Author: Jessica Grosman

    With Health & Gratitude is a blog written by me, Jessica Grosman. I'm a Registered Dietitian, recipe developer, and culinary nutrition educator. On the blog, I share my plant-based and gluten-free recipes; they are all healthful, nutritious, and absolutely delicious!

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  • Your Balanced Plate

    Your Balanced Plate
    Author: Jessica Blanchard
    Your Balanced Plate aims to help readers take simple and sustainable steps to a healthier diet. We take the guesswork out of healthy eating, providing recipes, guidelines and support. We will offer a premium membership area with monthly webinars, and more extensive guidelines.