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  • 2 Your Health

    2 Your Health
    Author: Carla Spencer

    2 Your Health is a blog dedicated to kidney health. Our philosophy is all foods can fit. We focus on both the prevention and maintenance of Chronic Kidney Disease and other healthy and enjoyable foods, recipes, and lifestyles. Enjoy your meals and your life!

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  • A Recipe for Life

    A Recipe for Life
    Author: Susan Dopart

    A Recipe for Life blog is wisdom for a nutritious life with a focus on how to prevent and treat medical problems such as insulin resistance, diabetes, cancer and inflammatory processes in the body with reasonable lifestyle solutions.

  • AM Dietetics

    AM Dietetics
    Author: Anne Myers-Wright

    Are you hungry for more information about good nutrition? Do you want to keep up to date with the most current and scientifically accurate trends in a world filled with conflicting advice? Sometimes the demands of life can make it difficult to ensure that you maintain a well-balanced and nutritious diet. It’s so important to try to eat as well as you can. Good, nutritious food is the foundation that nourishes your body and your mind. Imagine feeling confident, clear of mind, full of energy and “fighting-fit”. Imagine knowing you have done everything you can to reduce the risk of you or your family falling prey to the chronic diseases so prevalent in the modern world. This is what good nutrition can do for you. If you are looking for a special diet or simply want to ensure your diet is the best it can be, I can help you. If you are after honest, simple nutrition information, designed for those who are passionate about food and healthy eating, then you have come to the right place.

  • Annie B, Kay

    Annie B, Kay
    Author: Annie Kay

    What fuels your life force? We all want to be happy and healthy. But our culture collides with our biology, too often triggering weight gain and health issues. An honest exploration of the science and art of integrative living with a dietitian, yogini, author and energy healer.

  • April Saunders Nutrition

    April Saunders Nutrition
    Author: April Saunders

    Hi! Welcome to April Saunders Nutrition. As a dietitian and health coach, I can help you become your healthiest self. Pretty fabulous, huh?

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  • Bittersweet Diagnosis

    Bittersweet Diagnosis
    Author: Ashley Ng
    A blog about living with diabetes and the occasional nutritional post. Majority of posts are related to health advocacy or health promotion.

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  • Colorado Nutrition Counseling

    Colorado Nutrition Counseling
    Author: Carrie Weitzel

    I'm a registered dietitian providing nutrition counseling services in the Denver, CO area. My blog will feature a general nutrition topic weekly with occasional recipes added that are healthy yet delicious.

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  • Daily Nutrition Tips

    Daily Nutrition Tips
    Author: Abednego Moriasi
    Welcome to my Nutrition Blog! My name is Abednego Moriasi a registered Dietitian in Kenya. This Blog Provides simple and practical nutritional advice on making healthier choices. Find out how to eat healthy, prevent and manage chronic conditions.
  • Deconstructing Diabetes

    Deconstructing Diabetes
    Author: Cam Johnson

    Deconstructing Diabetes simplifies the dietary advice for people with diabetes. Our philosophy is deconstructing dietary advice into it's simplest form. Each month I release a blog article, which may be a dietitian's muse, an insight, observation or opinion.

  • DiabeteSteps Rx

    DiabeteSteps Rx
    Author: Cheryl Winter

    The DiabeteSteps Rx® Blog, aimed at “Simplifying Diabetes Remedies,” serves as a virtual tool for preventing & treating diabetes & its associated medical conditions, including high blood pressure, high cholesterol, overweight & obesity, with food and nutrition as its main focus.

  • Diana Young RD

    Diana Young RD
    Author: Diana Young

    Diana Young, RD, LD/N, CDE is a dietitian and diabetes educator who is well aware that fatigue, boredom, depression, loneliness and stress can make it difficult to adhere to healthy habits. Follow Diana as she changes intentions into action.

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  • ENT Wellbeing Sydney

    ENT Wellbeing Sydney
    Author: Belinda Elwin

    ENT Wellbeing Diet and Nutrition are accredited practicing dietitians in Sydney. We work in private practice and see both children and adults. As part of our patient education program we regularly write on areas of dietetics relevant to our clinical practice.

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  • Flavors of Nutrition

    Flavors of Nutrition
    Author: Hiral Modi

    Focus of this blog is healthy eating, weight loss and diabetes. Moreover, there are tips about simple ways to eat well, shopping healthy food, cooking hints, delicious healthy recipes and suggestions on how to choose healthy while eating out.

  • Food and Nutrition Solutions by Jill

    Food and Nutrition Solutions by Jill
    Author: Jill Weisenberger

    Stop by for health-boosting strategies presented in fun-to-read bite-sized nuggets. If you want to beat prediabetes, control your weight, manage diabetes or simply lead a healthful life no matter how busy you are, I've got you covered. Ho hype, just sensible nutrition science.

  • FoodRx

    Author: Frances O'Neil

    My blog addresses the underlying causes of many chronic diseases.  I am keen on the mental aspects of chronic disease and therefore post on the physiological and neurological or mental aspects of a disease and disease management.

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  • Gabrielle Maston

    Gabrielle Maston
    Author: Gabrielle Maston

    On my blog I sharing my cutting edge nutrition & fitness tips, so that you never have to diet again! I'm a health professional who has a drive for life & loves adventure. Find out how to improve your health and fitness with ease.

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  • Hailey Crean Nutrition

    Hailey Crean Nutrition
    Author: Hailey Crean

    The blog attached to Hailey Crean Nutrition, LLC focuses on nutrition-related aspects of diabetes management and metabolic syndrome. It aims to be a evidence-based information source with an all foods fit approach to health and nutrition.

  • Holistic Health

    Holistic Health
    Author: Juhi Mittal

    Since childhood looking at the long family background of doctors and engineers, I had planned something different for myself. As I grew... I realized that one thing you actually can't neglect is your HEALTH. It was then, I realized my passion of being a nutritionist. I am a regis

  • Hope Warshaw

    Hope Warshaw
    Author: Hope Warshaw

    Warshaw's blog ranges from cut to the chase, up to the minute advice about managing diabetes and mastering weight control, to practical tips for healthier restaurant eating. Blogs are founded on evidence with an eye towards what's doable in the real world.

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  • Kate Roberts Nutrition

    Kate Roberts Nutrition
    Author: Kate Roberts

    Registered Dietitian and expert in nutrition giving evidence-based advice and easy recipes. My aim is to help people meet their nutritional goals by finding practical food based solutions. Specialities: food allergies and intolerances, diabetes, weight loss & paediatric nutrition

  • KickStarter60

    Author: Mindy Nichols
    60 days DASH Diet menu plans, recipes and daily emails for weight loss. Blog post discussion include weight loss, heart health, behavior change & health literacy. Easy to understand and practical ways to lose weight & keep it off. Using the DASH Meal Plans ensures heart health.
  • KM Nutrition

    KM Nutrition
    Author: Karen Marschel

    Tips for preventing and managing diabetes and digestive health. Get information on research news, foods, recipes, exercise ideas, and more!

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  • Living Upp

    Living Upp
    Author: Stacy Fisher

    Living Upp is a lifestyle design company that teaches individuals and organizations how to use an 8-dimensional self-care framework to experience better health, more balance, and a greater sense of adventure

  • Lori Zanini Nutrition

    Lori Zanini Nutrition
    Author: Lori Zanini

    This blog provided recipes, nutrition information, and healthy lifestyle strategies for everyone, especially those living with diabetes.

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  • Mama Dietitian

    Mama Dietitian
    Author: Adora Pali

    A Real Mom's Guide to Nutrition: Nutrition tips for mamas and their families. Breastfeeding and picky eating tips. Healthy recipes for busy mamas. Also personal experience with diabetes.

  • MichNutrish's Mission Nutrition

    Author: Michelle Rauch

    This interactive blog is a place to discuss the latest food, nutrition and health information; to learn tips and strategies for maintaining good health or reaching your own health goal.  Please send all questions regarding nutrition and health for discussion on this blog.

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  • nourishednation

    Author: Charlene Geary

    I am a mom and a registered dietitian with a passion for food and nutrition.  I blog on topics that interest me, including weight management, diabetes, and how to feed your family with healthy and delicious food - recipes included!

  • Nutrition In Wonderland

    Nutrition In Wonderland
    Author: Alice Fletcher

    My blog aims to promote healthy balanced diets and dispell harmful myths from the media regarding nutrition. It has been a little underused of late however I have a plan to revamp it to post more regular updates in 2018!

  • Nutrition on the Double

    Nutrition on the Double
    Authors: Angela Lamberson, John Lamberson

    We are Angie & John Lamberson, a "pair" of Dietitians, Certified Diabetes Educators & Integrative Health Coaches living & thriving with type 1 diabetes. We know how it is to manage a chronic disease. We’ve turned it into a positive thing & encourage others to do the same!

  • Nutrition Xpert

    Nutrition Xpert
    Author: Gretchen Scalpi

    This blog covers a variety of nutrition topics related to managing diabetes and weight through healthy eating. Recipes and tips for healthy eating offered. Readers are encouraged to learn to prepare their own food,cook and eat at home more often.

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  • Olive Tree Nutrition

    Olive Tree Nutrition
    Author: Rahaf Al Bochi

    This blog is inspired by the Mediterranean diet (lifestyle) and my Mediterranean roots. I enjoy blogging about ethnic mediterranean recipes, the mediterranean diet, intuitive eating, diabetes, women's health and healthy living.

  • On Nutrition

    On Nutrition
    Author: Carol Plotkin

    A healthy lifestyle blog. Provides diet, food, exercise, wellness and nutrition information as it relates to health.

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  • Parenting Diabetes

    Parenting Diabetes
    Author: Sylvia White

    Parenting Diabetes is written by a Registered Dietitian, Certified Diabetes Educator, and a Licensed Professional Counselor who has three children, two of which have type 1 Diabetes.  The blog provides encouragement, support, and resources for parents of children with diabetes.

  • Prevention RD

    Prevention RD
    Author: Nicole Morrissey

    I am a Registered Dietitian working in out-patient diabetes and bariatric nutrition. I love what I do and sharing my passion with others. I love to cook, run, garden, write, and play ice-hockey. Stop by to say hi!

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  • RDRecipeResource

    Author: Nancy Oliveira

    Recipe resource page posting easy, tasty plant-based meal ideas for people who have diabetes, heart disease, gastrointestinal issues, and weight concerns.

  • RD_Amy

    Author: Amy Kimberlain

    I post every two weeks with current nutrition topics - whether it's been on the news or what's happening with my clients during those times. My hope is to give correct nutrition information to others (as it can be quite confusing at times!)

  • Real Life to Table

    Real Life to Table
    Authors: Rachel Bordogna, Brandy Jones

    Nutrition is complex, constantly evolving, and sometimes conflicting. This blog was created for people to learn more about nutrition trends, facts, foods, and how it can be applied in daily life. We spend way too much time being way too hard on ourselves when it comes to eating.

  • Renal Diet HQ

    Renal Diet HQ
    Author: Mathea Ford

    We talk about how to control and manage chronic kidney disease. Eating healthy and making the right choices help people get back on track. So our mission is to help others eat the right things and overturn some myths that are rampant about how to eat for chronic kidney disease

  • Rite for You Corporate Wellness

    Rite for You Corporate Wellness
    Author: Ashwin Lakhi
    The Rite for You Corporate Wellness Blog is comprised of articles written by Registered/Licensed Dietitians, Registered Nurses, and Exercise Physiologists to help our readers better understand the urgency to create a healthy lifestyle

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  • SoCal Nutrition & Wellness

    SoCal Nutrition & Wellness
    Author: Janice Dada

    The SoCal Nutrition & Wellness blog highlights nutrition in the news and includes topics related to diabetes, weight management, sports nutrition, healthy eating and wellness.

  • Sound Bites

    Sound Bites
    Author: Melissa Dobbins

    Registered Dietitians are uniquely qualified to have a powerful voice in all types of nutrition communications (media/social media/speaking/writing).  This blog is about sharing best practices and insider tips to take your skills from good to great!

  • SpanishSpeakingRD

    Author: Beth Klos

    This blog is written to interest anyone interested in nutrition, as well as nutrition professionals. A unique feature is that the blog is posted in both Spanish and English, providing reliable information to the Spanish-speaking community.

  • Susan Weiner Nutrition

    Susan Weiner Nutrition
    Author: Susan Weiner

    Our blog explores weight management, diabetes and hot topic nutrition issues. The blogs are packed with valuable (and real life) information about how food effects your life. Susan Weiner Nutrition is written with "real life food situations" in mind. Our discussions are aimed at helping people of all ages eat well today for more tomorrows!

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  • The Conscious Dietitian

    The Conscious Dietitian
    Author: Rachel Dickens

    The Conscious Dietitian aims to bring together a healthy diet for our bodies, as well as our planet. Green eating tips and seasonal recipes be a Registered Dietitian and Certified Diabetes Educator. Recipes are plant-based and low carbohydrate.

  • The Nutrition Key with BRG

    The Nutrition Key with BRG
    Author: Bonnie Giller

    The Nutrition Key with BRG provides accurate and timely nutrition information including the latest developments in diabetes management, weight loss, GI disorders and cardiovasculare health along with lots of health and nutrition tips and recipes. 

  • The Organic Dietitian

    The Organic Dietitian
    Author: Sara Korzeniewski

    Dietitian Sara is a Registered Dietitian with a passion for educating the world on real food and using food as medicine. Sara provides practical, evidence based information to help you live a healthy and balanced life. Eating wholesome food can be easy and delicious!

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  • Uncovering Nutrition

    Uncovering Nutrition
    Author: Jennifer Miller

    Uncovering nutrition is a state of discovering nourishing, natural foods in a fun and curious way. I am eager to share my kitchen experiments and hope they offer motivation to you with navigating towards a less processed lifestyle.

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  • Webdietitian.wordpress

    Author: Sangeeta Pradhan

    My blog helps confused consumers cut through the clutter surrounding the topic of nutrition today, helping them navigate the complex dietary landscape utilizing evidence based guidelines. Practical recipes help consumers translate nutritional concepts into healthy food choices.